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New America Media, News Analysis, Andrew Lam, Oct 22, 2014

In Orange County, California, home to Little Saigon and the largest Vietnamese American population outside of Vietnam, a whopping 19 Vietnamese American candidates are vying for 20 open seats this November. For the community, ethnic loyalties are helping to galvanize an electorate largely ignored by Republicans and Democrats alike. Its a pattern playing out in API communities across the country. More »

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Jan 09, 2014

This has become a common complaint. San Francisco -- indeed, the whole Bay Area -- is now facing an enormous dilemma: The economy is booming once again after a long bout of recession, but there's no affordable space left. More »

New America Media, News analysis, Andrew Lam, Dec 18, 2013

Since then the country has been racked by violent protests and a growing power struggle between Islamists on the one hand, and a military led by notorious strongman Gen. Abdel el-Sisi. More »

News analysis, , ,

Since then the country has been racked by violent protests and a growing power struggle between Islamists on the one hand, and a military led by notorious strongman Gen. Abdel el-Sisi. More »

News analysis, , Dec 27, 2012

The gun has an indelible presence in America’s popular consciousness. The myth-making entertainment industry has embellished and magnified the gun’s prominent role in the narrative of the nation’s founding and rapid expansion across the continent over Indian lands and trackless... More »

News analysis, , Oct 30, 2012

 Although record numbers of California high school students are graduating, meeting CSU and UC admission standards, and preparing to pursue advanced degrees or workforce training, state funding for California’s public colleges and universities is eroding dramatically, along with the promise... More »

News analysis, , Aug 14, 2012

FREMONT, Calif. – Manat Kaur is in many ways a typical 14-year-old, indistinguishable from others her age in her usual outfit of sneakers, jeans and T-shirt. But when asked, the soon-to-be high school freshman makes it a point never to... More »

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, , Feb 01, 2013

For those who were waiting for news on the comprehensive immigration reform front, Monday’s proposal by the Senate’s so-called ‘Gang of 8’ (which includes both Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Robert Menendez) seemed a bipartisan first step.Tuesday’s proposal by President... More »

, , Jan 25, 2013

Lately Marco Rubio has been busy laying out the Republican Party’s framework for immigration reform to anyone who will listen. “We’re for legal immigration and for enforcing our laws,” the U.S. Senator from Florida explained to Telemundo. The GOP... More »

, , Jan 23, 2013

U.S. media coverage of Mexican migration themes focuses on the outflow of people from south of the border to north of the border. But for some, Mexico is viewed as a land of opportunity and a promising new home. Despite... More »

, , Jan 04, 2013

Editor's Note: Al Jazeera has reportedly purchased Current TV, the left-leaning television network owned by Al Gore, for $500 million. The move promises to expand the Qatar-based network's programming to an American audience. NAM contributor Uchenna Ekwo writes that Al... More »

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