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Jalal Ghazi

US-Sponsored Arab TV Station Spotlights Women Others Ignore
New America Media, News Report, Jalal Ghazi, Apr 15, 2010
Single mothers or rape victims rarely show up on Arab television. One program gives women challenging these taboos a weekly slot. The irony is it is a station funded by the U.S. Congress.
middle east
'Terror TV Bill Raises Questions about Freedom of Press
New America Media, News Analysis, Jalal Ghazi, Mar 04, 2010
The U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed Bill 2278 two months ago, which according to its author Rep. Gus Bilirakis, R-Fla., would label certain Middle Eastern satellite providers of incendiary television programming as terrorist organizations, in an effort to prevent radical anti-American propaganda from hitting the airwaves.
christians in middle east
Eye on Arab Media: Middle East Christians Face Uncertain Future
New America Media, News Report, Jalal Ghazi, Feb 16, 2010
Christians in the Arab world who played an important role in developing pan-Arab movements in the 1950s and enriched its culture have serious concerns about their future in the Middle East. Iraqi Christians are fleeing persecution, while Egyptian Copts face discrimination.
cancer in Iraq
Cancer The Deadly Legacy of the Invasion of Iraq
New America Media, News Digest, Jalal Ghazi, Jan 06, 2010
Cancer and birth defects are skyrocketing in Iraq. Arab media say Iraqi doctors are struggling to cope and are worried that the impact of depleted uranium in bombs used in Iraq will be felt for years to come.
soccer algeria egypt world cup
Egypt vs. Algeria World Cup Violence Comes from Political Frustrations
New America Media, News Report, Jalal Ghazi, Nov 17, 2009
Western media misread the violent Arab reactions to Saturdays World Cup match in which Egypts Pharaohs beat Algerias Desert Foxes 2-0, setting up a World Cup qualifying game between the two in Sudan on Wednesday.
The Obama Administration Snubs Abbas
New America Media, New Analysis, Jalal Ghazi, Nov 06, 2009
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas announced yesterday that he will not seek reelection, but many are skeptical. They say that it is all nothing more than political maneuvering, and that it is more than likely that he will seek another term. But it is clear that Abbas standing with Washington has fallen.
Obama vs Bin Ladin
Eye on Arab Media: Al Qaeda Adjusting to New Era
New America Media, News analysis, Jalal Ghazi, Oct 08, 2009
This year Al-Qaeda celebrates its 20th birthday, having outlived the Bush administration. It may even outlive the Obama administration as well, despite all the troops and resources that have been allocated to the war in Afghanistan.
Tony Irish
A Tribute to Tony McMahon, a Dubliner in Frisco
New America Media, News Feature, Jalal Ghazi , Sep 20, 2009
Tony McMahon, who told his story in a NAM "Words from the Wise" column in February, died recently. He never gave up the idea of some day returning to Dublin and spending the rest of his life there with his siblings and their families. It was as if he was physically in San Francisco while mentally he was still in Dublin, writes NAM contributor Jalal Ghazi.
Palestinian Films With a Womans Touch
New America Media, News Feature, Jalal Ghazi, Sep 13, 2009
Four Arab American women educated in the United States have started a new kind of Intifada. But instead of stones, bullets, or bombs, they are using words, images and music to create films that highlight the lives of ordinary Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, Israel and America.
Who's Behind the Rash of Suicide Bombings in Iraq?
New America Media, Commentary, Jalal Ghazi, Aug 25, 2009
Many in the Arab media believe the recent attacks are not meant to simply kill numerous civilians, but to change the dynamics of the political process.
AMerican Jews
White House Opens Doors for Moderate Jewish Voices
New America Media, News Analysis, Jalal Ghazi, Jul 27, 2009
A new set of Jewish groups who are pro-Israeli and pro-American, against settlements and for a two-state solution are finding a receptive audience in the Obama White House.
Iran protests
Six Reasons Why Iran Cannot Be Explained in a Twitter Feed
New America Media, News Analysis, Jalal Ghazi, Jul 02, 2009
The street protests in Iran cannot be reduced to simple reformist vs. conservative equations, say scholars and analysts in Arab media.
Western Media Misread Iran Elections
New America Media, News Analysis, Video, Jalal Ghazi, Jun 17, 2009
Reports on the Iranian elections by Western media have been misleading. They portray the election battle as a struggle between conservative Pres. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and moderate Mir Hussein Moussavi. The election battle is actually a struggle over power and money, not democracy.
America Creating 'Talibanization' in Pakistan, Say Arab Media
New America Media, News Analysis, Jalal Ghazi, May 15, 2009
Arab media analysts say the renewed hardline the US is taking in Pakistan and Afghanistan is uniting various tribes under the Taliban banner. If there was a time for President Obama to wield "soft power" it is now.
Obama and Israeli flag
Obama Signals 'Not Business as Usual' to Israel
New America Media, News Analysis, Jalal Ghazi, Apr 24, 2009
Arab media are seeing signs in what President Obama is doing (and not doing) that he is serious about being an honest broker in the peace process.
Arrest Warrant for Sudans President is Well Oiled
New America Media, News Analysis, Jalal Ghazi, Apr 02, 2009
Arab countries are outraged over the International Criminal Courts March 4 arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir. According to Arab media, the warrant is motivated by oil, not justice.
Persian Gulf
Arabs' Fear of Iran Aligns Them With Israel
New America Media, News analysis, Jalal Ghazi, Mar 10, 2009
No single country can help Obama achieve his objectives in the Middle East more than Iran. It can help stabilize Iraq, establish alternative supply routes to Afghanistan. But Obamas rapprochement with Iran is at the expense of small Arab states.
Tony McMahon
The Pluck of the Irish
New America Media, Commentary, Tony McMahon as told to Jalal Ghazi, Feb 19, 2009
Tony McMahon came to the United States at the age of 17 from Dublin. Now a widower, with a heart condition, after a lifetime of driving cabs, he struggles to get by on the kindness of his neighbors.
Obama interview
Eye on Arab Media: Obama Charms Arabs on TV
New America Media, News analysis, Jalal Ghazi, Jan 28, 2009
President Obamas first interview after his inauguration was with the Arab channel Al Arabiya. Arab media monitor Jalal Ghazi says he charmed the crew and the audience.
Israel Loses War on Middle East Airwaves
New America Media, News Analysis, Jalal Ghazi, Jan 09, 2009
Israel arguably has the upper hand in the battle on the ground, but it is losing the war on the airwaves. Despite Israel's attempt to control coverage in Gaza, Arab TV stations are broadcasting the images of the violence in Gazaoften for their own political motives.

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