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ketaki gokhale

Vietnam, Iraq -- is Pakistan Next?
New America Media, News Report, Ketaki Gokhale, Sep 30, 2008
Author and political commentator Tariq Ali believes the Bush order -- allowing ground attacks by American forces inside Pakistan -- fits a historical pattern.
Miria Gonzalez
Going Hungry in Americas Bread Basket
New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram and Ketaki Gokhale, Aug 11, 2008
Drought and the souring economy are turning one small Californian farming town into a ghost town. Could Mendota, California be the harbinger of things to come?
Movie Studios Temper Glamorous Image of Smoking with PSAs
New America Media, News Report, Ketaki Gokhale, Jul 17, 2008
DVD releases of movies that feature smoking will soon open with anti-smoking public service announcements because of a new agreement between the State of California and major Hollywood studios.
Joyce Cook
Rebirth in Rodeo: A Mothers Struggle with a Sons Incarceration
New America Media, News Feature +Video, Ketaki Gokhale, Video by Mike Siv, Photos by Charisse Domingo, Jul 07, 2008
More than 35,000 people under 29 were released from adult facilities in California last year. One family's story, inside and outside the incarceration system, brings to life the issues they face. New America Media's coverage of the Equal Voice for America's Families campaign is underwritten by the Marguerite Casey Foundation.
In Building a Platform, Working Families Find Common Ground
New America Media, News report, Ketaki Gokhale, Jul 01, 2008
Working families from all around America gathered in Chicago to rally around key issues as part of the national Equal Voice for America's Families campaign. New America Media's coverage of this issue is underwritten by the Marguerite Casey Foundation.
Gay Couples Rejoice Over Supreme Court Ruling
New America Media, News Report//Video, Words: Ketaki Gokhale//Video: Chris Vargas and Ann Bassette, May 16, 2008
Many gay and lesbian rights activists are cautioning that the California Supreme Court ruling is not the silver bullet that will solve all the problems of same-sex couples.
baby boomer
Health Care Workforce Unprepared for Aging Baby-boomers
New America Media, News Report, Ketaki Gokhale, May 09, 2008
With fewer children and widely dispersed families, huge numbers of retiring baby boomers will place a massive burden on the health care system. It is woefully ill prepared says a new report from the Institute of Medicine.
Carrie Cook
Working With Elders to Stay Young
New America Media, News Feature, Ketaki Gokhale, Video by Max Kline, May 05, 2008
Some elders find themselves in the odd situation of arranging bingo games and exercise classes for other elders, some older than them. Carrie Cook, 78, is so busy running the Third Baptist Church's senior program she has no time to join a senior group herself.
Rice Shortage Hits Expat Indian Community
New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram and Ketaki Gokhale, Apr 24, 2008
The price of rice has gone up 70 percent in the last year alone, leading to a ban on exports from India and a buying frenzy among expatriates from many Asian countries.
Fire from the Dragon: Green Entrepreneur Harnesses Truck Energy
New America Media, News Report, Ketaki Gokhale, Apr 22, 2008
An unlikely green visionary is helping the Port of Oakland harness the energy of trucks and transform it into enough electricity to power up to 1,750 homes.
Study Reveals Health Care Woes of Asian Americans
New America Media, News Report, Ketaki Gokhale, Apr 02, 2008
A new study on disparities in health care among Asian Americans shows that the high numbers of uninsured in this community have to do with the population of "working poor" who don't qualify for public assistance, yet can't afford private insurance.
Milpitas Senior Day a Call to Public Service for Ethnic Media
New America Media, News Report, Video, Words: Ketaki Gokhale // Video: Michael Siv, Mar 18, 2008
The Vietnamese organizer of the Milpitas Senior Day community event - and the editor of Vietnamese language newspaper Cali Today - says that ethnic media should give back more.
Indian Temporary Visa Workers Exploited Again
New America Media, News Analysis, Viji Sundaram and Ketaki Gokhale, Mar 17, 2008
Some 100 dockworkers of Indian origin walked off their jobs at a Mississippi shipyard last week to protest what they say was slave treatment by their employer - another in a long line of incidents in which temporary visa holders from India have been mistreated.
Nursing Schools Go After Minorities and Men
New America Media, News report, Ketaki Gokhale, Feb 06, 2008
For the last three years, community colleges in Californias Central Valley have been recruiting more Latino, Southeast Asian and male students for their nursing programs. As a result, enrollment went up by more than 60 percent.
Vietnamese American Publisher Spearheads Bay Area Seniors Day
New America Media, News Report, Ketaki Gokhale, Jan 27, 2008
After spending quality time with South Bay seniors, Nam Nguyen - publisher of San Jose-based Vietnamese-language paper Cali Today - has organized a special day to honor the elderly.
Indian Country Could Back Obama on Super Tuesday
New America Media, News Analysis, Ketaki Gokhale, Jan 24, 2008
Obama is making waves in Indian country, even though he hasn't rolled out a comprehensive Native American agenda - but the close race between the Illinois Senator and Clinton is invigorating the Native vote.
day labor
Economy Blamed As Day Laborers Crowd Soup Kitchens
New America Media, News Report, Ketaki Gokhale, Jan 11, 2008
As the economy continues to slip, Mexican day laborers living on the streets and accessing local assistance programs in California may be the canary in the coal mine for many Americans.
Benazir Bhutto
Today We Mourn, Tomorrow We Think of Politics: Pakistani Bloggers
New America Media, News Analysis, Ketaki Gokhale, Dec 28, 2007
Bloggers in Pakistan are shocked by the assassination of Benazir Bhutto but annoyed at Western attempts to turn her into Pakistan's Aung San Suu Kyi.
Sikh Massacre 'Missing' Witness Surfaces in Bay Area
India West, News Report, Ketaki Gokhale, Dec 09, 2007
Major Indian politicians have escaped unscathed despite reports that they orchestrated the riots that killed thousands of Sikhs in 1984 in India. Now a key witness linking a major politician to the massacre has surfaced in California.
indian buffet
South Asian Kids, Cut Down on the Rice and Naan
India West, News Report, Ketaki Gokhale, Dec 06, 2007
Childhood obesity is a serious and growing issue for South Asian American and other Asian ethnic groups in the US. Traditional Indian meals with rice and flat breads along with lack of activity are partly to blame.
California Tries to Reach Out to Punjabi Farmworkers
India West, News Report, Ketaki Gokhale, Dec 03, 2007
An ethnic media report on labor code violations has spurred California to outreach to the Indian American farm laborers, most of them Punjabi. The farmworkers, often employed by Indian American growers, have claimed they have never received overtime wages and were afraid to report work-related injuries.

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