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raj Jayadev

The Colleague Behind the Homicide Statistic
New America Media, Appreciation, Raj Jayadev , Jan 28, 2010
When Albert Cobarrubias was unexpectedly killed in a random act of gun violence. the media covered his death as a number. Raj Jayadev of Silicon Valley De-Bug remembers Albert as an inspiration and a friend.
Did Court Deal Fatal Blow to Tasers for Police?
New America Media, Commentary, Raj Jayadev and Aram James , Jan 07, 2010
The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit recently declared that police officers could be held liable for using a Taser without proper cause. But the decision stopped short of treating a Taser as a deadly weapon.
A Decade of New Youth Activism
New America Media, Commentary, Raj Jayadev, Dec 24, 2009
They may not call themselves "activists," and you've probably never heard their names, but a new generation of young people is using high-tech communications to go where prior movements could not go, fighting for education reform, challenging the criminal justice system and battling for environmental justice.
Police Brutality San Jose
San Jose Police Beating Stirs Distrust and Resentment
New America Media, Commentary, Raj Jayadev, Oct 29, 2009
The Phuong Ho video has elicited such outrage in San Jose, Ca., because it comes on the heels of a sequence of various public revelations of police abuse, and a matching series of failures by city leadership to respond to the demands for transparency and accountability that have spanned ethnic communities.
Obama speech education
School Cutbacks Create Skeptics: Students Want More Than Words
New America Media, Commentary, Raj Jayadev, Sep 09, 2009
When Pres. Barack Obama addressed the nation's school children yesterday on the importance of education, students at Andrew Hill High School and Fischer Middle School in San Jose were listening. S
What if Henry Louis Gates Were Not an Acclaimed Professor?
New America Media, Commentary, Raj Jayadev, Jul 29, 2009
Throughout the course of his process, which started with a jammed door to his own home, Dr. Gates would have interacted with all many aspects of the criminal justice system, and would have felt betrayed by all of them.
When Cops Attack Online
New America Media, Commentary, Raj Jayadev, Jun 28, 2009
Community activist Raj Jayadev found himself the subject of a law enforcement YouTube video produced by the Police Officers Association, and the lead story of a new blog they created, called, Protectsanjose.com.
San Jose Police Shooting Rocks Vietnamese Community, Again
New America Media, Commentary, Raj Jayadev, May 27, 2009
The shooting death of 27-year-old Daniel Pham at the hands of San Jose police struck a familiar chord with the Vietnamese community in San Jose, who had seen a similar incident six years before.
Grassroots Immigrant Marchers Defy the Odds
New America Media, Commentary, Raj Jayadev, May 02, 2009
The May Day immigrant rights march might have been small in size compared to the one in 2006, but for the first time since these annual marches have been happening, the face of a U.S. president was on signs carried by the marchers, clearly indicating that they believe he can bring about immigration reform.
Congressmen Hear From Families Torn Apart by Immigration Law
New America Media, News Report, Text: Raj Jayadev // Video: Adrian Avila and Tiburon, Apr 25, 2009
Families who have had loved ones deported shared their stories with Congressmen Luis Gutierrez and Mike Honda at a church in San Jose, part of national effort to set the stage for immigration reform.
Right Wing Tea Party Looks Like Old Left
New America Media, Blog , Raj Jayadev, Apr 17, 2009
Assembly line
Anatomy of a Silicon Valley Layoff
New America Media, News feature, Video, Raj Jayadev//Video: Angel Luna, Apr 15, 2009
In February, Spansion shed 3,000 employees globally, more than a third of its workforce in a self-described restructuring period. At 48, Doris Rodriguez, a mother of five and a grandmother of four, is one of them.
In These Desperate Times, Lets Get Motivated!
New America Media, Commentary, Raj Jayadev, Apr 03, 2009
The fact that young people who scoff at almost everything would want to attend Steve Forbes recent motivational seminar in Silicon Valley is a testament to the magnetism the American dream still holds, even for the generation that once mocked it.
Celebrating Journalists in Bleak Times
NAM, Blog, Raj Jayadev, Mar 24, 2009
More Charges Linked to 'Racial Profiling' in San Jose
New America Media, News Report, Raj Jayadev, Mar 05, 2009
The high arrest rate of Latinos in San Jose isnt limited to public intoxication charges. Data shows that Latinos and blacks are also disproportionately charged with resisting arrest and other offenses in which police officers have greater discretion.
Denny's Grand Slam Levels the Playing Field
New America Media, Commentary, Raj Jayadev, Feb 07, 2009
When we arrived at Denny's for Tuesday's free Grand Slam breakfast, the true nature of the economy was revealed.
Homeland Security Show Misses the Real Drama
New America Media, Commentary, Raj Jayadev, Jan 07, 2009
ABC's new reality TV show, "Homeland Security USA," lacks the real drama of immigration, writes Raj Jayadev, who contends that drama is with the rebels, not the empire.
Copwatch 2.0: Cell Phones Usher in New Era of Police Accountability
New America Media, Commentary, Raj Jayadev, Jan 06, 2009
From the eye of a cell phone, an outraged and shocked public witnessed the police shoot and kill 22-year-old Oscar Grant at a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station in Oakland, Calif.
Community Access TV is the Shit!
New America Media, Blog, Raj Jayadev, Dec 30, 2008
Is Pacquiao a 'Mexican' Boxer?
Silicon Valley Debug, Blog, Raj Jayadev, Dec 09, 2008
Boxing promoters expected to profiteer off the beginning of a new racial feud between Filipino and Latino, but the public didn't buy it.
Balbir Singh Sodhi
Lessons From 9/11 For India Today
New America Media, Commentary, Raj Jayadev, Dec 03, 2008
Instead of Condoleezza Rice Indians really need to hear from their Indian American cousins who have been through their own 9/11.

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