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viji Sundaram

Former U.S. Soldier Told He Has No Country
New America Media, news report, Viji Sundaram, Mar 07, 2011
After spending nine years in the U.S. Army and being honorably discharged, Ramdeo Chankar Singh thought citizenship was in his grasp. Now, though, he faces deportation.
California's Kids Fall Deeper into Poverty, Homelessness
New America Media, News Report , Viji Sundaram, May 10, 2010
The effects of the economic recession are engulfing an ever-wider population of California's children, with analysts predicting that 27 percent of all kids will soon be living in families with incomes at the poverty level. Hunger and homelessness have become a daily fact of life for children across the state.
어린이 충치, 학교 결석의 주범
New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Mar 22, 2010
오클랜드 소재 치아 건강 재단의 이사장과 동료 치과 위생학자, 치과 보조 연구원과 간호사 등이 연구 조사한 결과, 2004-2005년 학기 동안 유치원과 3학년 학생 2만 천 명을 대상으로 몇 달 간 구강검진 조사 결과, "네 명 중 세 명의 초등학교 학생들이 충치가 있으며, 이들 중 절반이 넘는 학생들이 저임금 가정의 어린이가 아닌 것으로 나타났다.
New America Media, News report, Viji Sundaram, Mar 22, 2010
2004至2005學年内,Perry觀察超過21,000千名年齡介乎幼稚園至三年級的兒童口腔,當時還任職屋崙牙科健康基金會董事長的Perry,聯同其他牙科護理人員的發現得出一個結論:平均每四名小學生中,便有三名曾患蛀牙。 相比下,來自非低收入家庭的小學生,只有一半曾患蛀牙。
Caries dental de los nios afecta la asistencia escolar
New America Media, News report, Viji Sundaram, Mar 22, 2010
Despus de haberse sometido a un examen dental en California a ms de 21,000 nios del kindergarten y del tercer ao durante el aos escolar 2004-2005, el Dr. Perry, por ese entonces presidente de la junta de la Fundacin de Salud Dental de Oakland que tiene su sede en Oakland, y su equipo de higienistas dentales, asistentes dentales y personal de enfermera de la escuela concluyeron que casi tres de cuatro nios de la escuela primaria tiene una caries, comparado con la incidencia de casi la mitad en el segmento que no pertenece al grupo de bajos ingresos.
Sự Hư Hỏng Răng Trẻ Con Cắn Vo Thời Gian Theo Học Tại Trường
New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Feb 03, 2010
Kids' Dental Decay Takes a Bite out of School Attendance
New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Feb 02, 2010
Children's tooth decay is a "silent epidemic," a leading cause of school absenteeism, poor academic performance and behavior problems if left untreated, reports NAM health editor Viji Sundaram. February is children's dental health month.
Obesity Leveled Off in U.S., Except Among Boys
New America Media, Q&A, Viji Sundaram, Jan 21, 2010
A recent CDC report may give Americans cause for cheer. It suggests that we have finally turned a corner in our fight against obesity, which has leveled off across most of the population -- except one group: 6- to 19-year-old boys.
Healthy Families
Reducciones al presupuesto estatal ponen en peligro el programa de salud infantil
New America Media, Reportaje, Por Viji Sundaram// Video: Liat Krawczyk y Josue Rojas, Jan 11, 2010
En su proyecto del presupuesto, el Gobernador Arnold Schwarzenegger ha amenazado a terminar el programa de Healthy Families.
주정부 예산 삭감, 위협받는 어린이 건강 보험 프로그램
New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Jan 11, 2010
Healthy Families
States Budget Cuts Jeopardize Childrens Healthcare Program
New America Media, News Report, Text: Viji Sundaram// Video: Liat Krawczyk and Josue Rojas, Jan 11, 2010
California's Healthy Families program helps nearly one million children have access to health care. Now it might fall victim to budget cuts and federal health care reform.
kids sm
Advocates Fear Recession Could Weaken Gains for Kids
New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Dec 16, 2009
Since 1995, the health of California's children has improved, but researchers warn that the current recession could reverse some of those gains.
CDC to Boston Media: H1N1 Vaccines Coming
New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram/photos and video by Josu Rojas, Dec 01, 2009
Officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tried to allay the widespread fears that there wouldnt be enough vaccines for everyone in Massachusetts who wants to be protected against the H1N1 virus.
Over 2,200 Vets Died for Lack of Health Insurance in 2008
New America Media, News Report , Viji Sundaram , Nov 10, 2009
Lack of health insurance claimed the lives of more than 2,266 veterans under the age of 65 last year, says a Harvard Medical School study out today. That's more than 14 times the number of deaths (155) suffered by U.S. troops in Afghanistan in 2008, and twice as many as have died since the war began in 2003.
Curanderos combaten la gripe H1N1 de manera natural
New America Media, Reportaje, Elena Shore, Viji Sundaram y Vivian Po, Nov 09, 2009
Los practicantes de medicina china, curanderos de medicina ayurvdica y herboristas latinos se enfrentan a un dilema: si debieran aconsejar a sus pacientes vacunarse o recetar tratamientos alternativos. English Translation
Traditional Healers Choose to Fight H1N1 Naturally
New America Media, News Feature, Elena Shore, Viji Sundaram, and Vivian Po, Nov 09, 2009
As the U.S. death rate of the H1N1 virus surpassed 1,000 people, traditional healers face a dilemma: whether to tell their clients to get the vaccine or to prescribe alternative treatments. Traduccin al espaol
Flu Vaccine
Six Things You Should Know About H1N1 (Swine) Flu
New America Media, News Report, Ngoc Nguyen and Viji Sundaram, Nov 06, 2009
Already, nationwide, there are 26,000 hospitalizations and almost 3,000 deaths from the flu this year.
JAMA Study: H1N1 Hits Hard at All Ages
New America Media, News Report, Paul Kleyman and Viji Sundaram, Nov 05, 2009
The swine flu is not just a threat to the young, as previously thought. A new study out indicates that H1N1 affects all age groups, including people over 65.
Swine Flu Could Hit Minorities Hard
New America Media, News Report/ Video, Viji Sundaram, video by Vivian Po, Oct 16, 2009
Because minorities suffer from chronic health disorders or compromised immune systems, many are at greater risk for the swine flu, health officials say.
Cultural Gap in Depression
A Fatal Cultural Gap: Depression Among Minorities
New America Media, News report, Viji Sundaram, Oct 08, 2009
Trained mental health professionals find it difficult to diagnose depression in minorities, most of whom are already reluctant to seek psychiatric care, because the psychiatric framework for evaluating behavior is Euro-centric.

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