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Author of Book on Sex Selection Weighs in on PRENDA's Defeat
Jun 07, 2012
Editor's note: Mara Hvistendahl is a journalist and award-winning author of the book, Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men. She is currently a China-based correspondent for Science magazine.  In the following interview,...
Boyajian: Turkeys Henchmen: Mass Media Butcher the Armenian Genocide
The Armenian Weekly, Commentary, David Boyajian, Apr 24, 2010
On Armenian Genocide memorial day, David Boyajian unravels the politics behind U.S. acknowledgment of the genocide and its strategic relationship with Turkey.
Phil. Pres. Arroyo-small
Protests Await Phil. Pres. Arroyo at Nuclear Summit
ABS-CBN News.com, News Report, Rodney J. Jaleco, North America News Bureau, Apr 12, 2010
Filipino protesters in Washington D.C. are awaiting Pres. Arroyo to demonstrate their outrage at the Philippines' presidency next month of the Review Conference of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), calling it hypocritical.
San Jose Beating, California Civil Liberties, and Armenian Folk Music
New America Now, Audio, Nov 06, 2009
Raj Jayadev discusses the San Jose Police beating, Stan Yogi is co-author of a new book about the history of civil liberties in California, and Hasmik Hartyunyan is an Armenian folk singer.
Reducing Historical Baggage Between Turkey and Armenia
Todays Zaman, Editorial, Doğu Ergil, Oct 27, 2009
Finally, the frozen history between Armenia and Turkey has begun to thaw with the signing of the protocols in Zurich on Oct. 10, aiming at initiating diplomatic relations and opening up borders.
Turkish and Armenian Rapprochement: Hope or Hoax?
New America Media, Editorial, Hayg Oshagan/Doğu Ergil, Oct 27, 2009
The Turkish and Armenian foreign ministers signed an accord in Zurich on Oct. 10 that reopens the border between the two countries and creates a joint historical commission to determine what actually happened in 1915. But is the agreement between the two countries a step forward or a capitulation?
The Turkey-Armenia Agreement Is a Farce
New America Media, Commentary, Hayg Oshagan, Oct 27, 2009
There is good reason why most Armenians, not just those in the Diaspora, are up in arms about the Armenian-Turkish protocol.
Chickens Come Home to Roost in Georgia
New America Media, News Analysis, William O. Beeman, Aug 12, 2008
The Bush Administration's push for access to oil from the Caspian Sea and it's desire to isolate Iran precipitated the Russian invasion of Georgia.
Genocide Conflicts With U.S. Interests
Blog, Peter Schurmann, Oct 12, 2007
mahmoud ahmadinejad
Economic Sanctions Against Iran Are Old Hatand They Have Never Worked
New America Media, Commentary, William O. Beeman, Jul 03, 2007
President George W. Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin are talking about putting the economic squeeze on Iran to give up its uranium enrichment program. But have sanctions ever worked with Iran?
Attacking Iran Will Not Stop the Violence in Lebanon
New America Media, Commentary, William O. Beeman, Jul 19, 2006
American neoconservatives have leapt on the current crisis in the Middle East as a way to push their anti-Iran agenda, calling for an end to the Islamic Republic as a way to mortally wound Israel's enemies.
Hayg Oshagan
The Armenian Genocide: An Event, and a Movement
New America Media, Q&A, Peter Micek, Apr 24, 2006
Armenians across the world march on April 24, 2006, in remembrance of the Armenian Genocide, the systematic slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians between 1915 and 1917 in Turkey.
Chinese Daily News president James Guo
And Now the News
Los Angeles City Beat, News Feature, Kevin Uhrich, Mar 09, 2006
As mainstream newspapers struggle to remain relevant, ethnic and minority media explode, speaking to readers in their own voices.
Reporting the news in 80 different languages
Saramento Bee, Opinion, Peter Schrag, Jan 24, 2006
Tomorrow in San Jose, some 40 journalists will receive awards for distinguished work. Very few of them are familiar names from familiar organizations. But collectively they represent the explosive new growth of a familiar phenomenon in American culture: ethnic media, print, radio, TV, operating in virtually every language spoken in this state - and serving virtually every group - from the Afghan Journal to the Zhong Guo Daily.
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
If Iran Gets Nukes... Deflating the Hysteria
New America Media, Commentary/Analysis, Abolghasem Bayyenat, Jan 19, 2006
An Iranian expert in international affairs says Iran's foreign policy is clearly based on pragmatism, not religious fanaticism.
Bikers Traverse Armenia to Aid Farmers
Asbarez Armenian Daily, News Report, Staff, Aug 28, 2005
A Tour de France qualifier is leading a group of Americans through Armenia to raise money to train veterinarians and promote tourism of local farms.
Hold the Froth: Armenian-American Youth Revel in Caf Culture
Asbarez Armenian Daily, Ishkhan Jinbashian, Jan 08, 2005
The writer wonders if his Glendale, Calif. community, loud and ugly at times, can live up to its billing as the premiere spot in the Armenian diaspora.
Play on Armenian Genocide to Debut on Broadway
Asbarez Armenian Daily, News Feature, Dec 04, 2004
Armenians applaud this hit play about two immigrants intertwined in a tragic past -- the Armenian Genocide in the early 20th century -- and who find solace through love.
'Armenstock' Music Festival Showcases Armenian Support for Kerry
Asbarez Armenian Daily, News Report, Staff, Sep 28, 2004
Noting his support for Armenia, Armenian-Americans from across the nation gathered at a concert and heard a message from the Democratic candidate.
Recognition of Armenian Genocide Increasing Despite White House Opposition
Asbarez Armenian Daily, News Report, Compiled by Peter Micek, Apr 28, 2004
From the Canadian Parliament to Californias Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, more politicians are describing the World War I-era massacre of Armenians as genocide.
Multilingual Poll of California Ethnic Groups on Criminal Justice Issues
NCM Poll, Conducted by Bendixen & Associates, Mar 23, 2004
This first-ever comprehensive ethnic poll on criminal justice issues interviewed 1,854 California adult residents 450 Latinos; 401 Asians from China, Vietnam, Korea, the Philippines, Japan and India; 401 Middle Easterners from Armenia, Iran and several Arab nations; 200 African Americans; 200 American Indians; and 202 non-Latino whites in 12 languages during May 2003.
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