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European union

New “Golden Age of Oil” Collides With Planetary Realities
Oct 05, 2012
Photo: Shannon Bebe and Benjamin Franklin chained themselves to Keystone Pipeline construction equipment, Sept 25, in Winnsboro, Texas. Police assaulted, pepper sprayed and arrested them. (Planetsave photo courtesy Tar Sands Blockade) Last winter, fossil-fuel enthusiasts began trumpeting the dawn...
NYC Bus Ads are Latest Salvo in Pamela Geller’s Jihad
Aug 10, 2012
The American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), an organization devoted to countering what it calls “Islamic supremacism,” recently submitted an ad for New York City buses. The proposed poster states: “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support...
Is Immigration Fueling the Rise of Nativism in Europe?
May 11, 2012
Far-right parties across Europe are gaining momentum, as witnessed by their recent successes at the ballot box in Greece and France. While immigration is thought to be a major factor fueling the parties’ rise, a recent report by the Migration...
UFW, Jewish Community Bound by Social Justice Causes
Apr 14, 2012
FRESNO, Calif. -- If farmworker leader César E. Chávez were still alive, he might have joined Jewish families across the county in observing the start of Passover last weekend.Chávez, a devout Catholic, used to hold the ceremonial Passover dinner, known...
The New Opium War: China's Rare Earth Minerals
Mar 15, 2012
 HONG KONG - China is facing a trade complaint in the World Trade Organization (WTO) for imposing quotas on its export of rare earth elements. Filed in Geneva by major economic powers – the United States, Europe Union and Japan...
Korea US FTA Set to Take Effect
Mar 13, 2012
At midnight, (Seoul time) Korea will become the only Asian country to have implemented free trade agreements with the world’s two largest markets.The pending Korea-U.S. FTA comes into effect almost nine months after Seoul implemented a similar deal with the...
Mexican High-Tech Workers Demand Justice and Dignity
Mar 06, 2012
The two high-tech workers laughed when asked if they could afford the smartphones made by their colleagues on Mexican production lines. “No, no, no,” chuckled Maria and Alma, two Guadalajara workers who have labored for years in Mexico’s Silicon Valley....
The American Dream has Emigrated to Europe
Jan 19, 2012
To anyone who grew up in the Cold War, the rhetoric of the Republican Party’s 2012 presidential candidates is strangely familiar. The United States, they warn, is threatened by an alien ideology. What’s startling is that the bogeyman this time...
Iran’s Ahmadinejad Visits Four Latin American Countries
Jan 12, 2012
President Obama’s authorization of the expulsion of the Venezuelan consul general from that country’s consulate office has further deteriorated relations between the two countries. Although the Obama administration has not been explicit as to the reason for the expulsion, the...
Boyajian: Turkeys Henchmen: Mass Media Butcher the Armenian Genocide
The Armenian Weekly, Commentary, David Boyajian, Apr 24, 2010
On Armenian Genocide memorial day, David Boyajian unravels the politics behind U.S. acknowledgment of the genocide and its strategic relationship with Turkey.
Dont Toss E-Waste onto Curb: Environmentalists
India West, News Feature, Sunita Sohrabji, Apr 09, 2010
80 percent of used electronics collected in U.S. in recycling drives ends up in the developing world. Now the US is considering legislation that would regular e-waste export.
Carson Articulates Obama Policy on Africa
M'shale, Charles W. Corey , Feb 28, 2010
Assistant Secretary of State Johnnie Carson, met with reporters February 24 and answered questions on a wide array of issues: Ethiopia, Kenya, Niger, Cote dIvoire, Somalia, and Chinas operations in Africa, reports M'shale.
A Coming of Age Moment for Haitis Neighbors
New America Media, News Analysis, Marcelo Ballv, Jan 30, 2010
Haiti's neighbors in Latin America and Caribbean face an existential challenge. How can they step up to the plate and help Haiti rebuild even as they manage their own pressing domestic problems?
Poor Nations Need Help To Combat Global Warming
New America Media, Opinion, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Dec 12, 2009
Getting the worlds richest and poorest nations to cut a deal on climate control that both sides can live with has never been easy. Rich industrial nations did the damage to the economies of poor nations. The burden is on them to undo it.
Breast Cancer Research Neglects Environmental Links
New America Media, News analysis, Joan Reinhardt Reiss, Nov 22, 2009
The current dispute over breast cancer screening guidelines obscures the elephant in the room: environmental causes of cancer.
European Union May Legalize Undocumented Filipinos
Filipino Press/Manilatimes.net, Nov 19, 2009
Instead of flushing out the around 100,000 undocumented Filipinos in Europe, the European Union (EU) plans to legalize their stay for helping keep the continents economy afloat amid the global economic crisis.
Hikers Update: Three Are Charged as Spies
New America Media, Mary Ambrose, Nov 12, 2009
The three American hikers who strayed into Iran have now been charged as spies by the Iranian government. What can you do to help?
Reducing Historical Baggage Between Turkey and Armenia
Todays Zaman, Editorial, Doğu Ergil, Oct 27, 2009
Finally, the frozen history between Armenia and Turkey has begun to thaw with the signing of the protocols in Zurich on Oct. 10, aiming at initiating diplomatic relations and opening up borders.
The Turkey-Armenia Agreement Is a Farce
New America Media, Commentary, Hayg Oshagan, Oct 27, 2009
There is good reason why most Armenians, not just those in the Diaspora, are up in arms about the Armenian-Turkish protocol.

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