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Mexico -- The New Destination Country
Jan 23, 2013
U.S. media coverage of Mexican migration themes focuses on the outflow of people from south of the border to north of the border. But for some, Mexico is viewed as a land of opportunity and a promising new home. Despite...
John Kerry vs. Susan Rice -- The View from Latin America
Nov 29, 2012
U.S. President Barack Obama is expected to nominate a new Secretary of State later this week, as Hillary Clinton intends to step down after the Presidential Inauguration in January. Clinton was a prolific traveler during her four years as Secretary...
Romney’s Policy on Latin America: Not Much to Look At
Aug 23, 2012
GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has amassed a collection of headlines impugning his foreign policy credentials since his speech at the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) convention and overseas trip. This publicity he has received all too characteristically crops Latin...
In Assange Asylum, A Stand Against Neo-colonialist Policies
Aug 20, 2012
Rafael Correa, the president of one of South America's smallest countries with almost 15 million inhabitants is taking a dramatic stand against Great Britain, Sweden and the United States by granting political asylum to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.Last Wednesday the...
The Case of the Black and Blue Bruise: Shakespearean Drama in San Francisco
May 29, 2012
Just about everyone in San Francisco has an opinion about the black and blue mark on the upper right arm of Eliana Lopez, Venezuelan TV star and wife of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. A controversial videotaped image of that bruise has...
The Case of the Black and Blue Bruise: San Franciscans Gripped by Shakespearean Drama
May 28, 2012
Just about everyone in San Francisco has an opinion about the black and blue mark on the upper right arm of Eliana Lopez, Venezuelan TV star and wife of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. A controversial videotaped image of that bruise has...
Iran Launches Spanish-Language Satellite TV
Feb 02, 2012
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad officially launched HispanTV, a Spanish-language satellite TV network, on Tuesday, saying the station would help end the West's "hegemony" of the airwaves. The launch of the station comes on the heels of Ahmadinejad's tour of Venezuela, Cuba and Ecuador...
Mexican Media Question Secret U.S. Military Actions
Jan 15, 2012
Traducción al españolMEXICO CITY — Opinion pieces appeared in two of this city’s daily newspapers that would not normally reach U.S. audiences and are worth mentioning.One by Luís Gutiérrez Esparza, appearing Dec. 28 in the Excelsior newspaper, recaps disclosures that...
La guerra y la paz y la arrogancia
Jan 13, 2012
CIUDAD DE MÉXICO -- Salieron un par de ensayos de comentaristas en dos de los diarios de esta ciudad, los cuales normalmente no llegarían a oídas del público estadounidense, y que son dignos de atención. Uno, por Luis Gutiérrez Esparza,...
Iran’s Ahmadinejad Visits Four Latin American Countries
Jan 12, 2012
President Obama’s authorization of the expulsion of the Venezuelan consul general from that country’s consulate office has further deteriorated relations between the two countries. Although the Obama administration has not been explicit as to the reason for the expulsion, the...
New Hampshire City Debates Moratorium on Refugees
Jan 10, 2012
MANCHESTER, N.H. – Ahmed was called a traitor in Iraq. The 48-year-old worked as a security manager for several American newspapers. For that he was kidnapped twice, and threatened by men half his age. Both he and his wife were...
After Iraq -- US Abandons Engagement for War on Tyrants
Dec 20, 2011
The Iraq War may well never be over since its objective of regime change continues to dictate U.S. foreign policy and spawn endless conflicts. Nine years after the second intervention against Baghdad, it is abundantly clear that Saddam Hussein’s prophetic...
Carlos Roa
Why One Undocumented Student is Walking the Trail of Dreams
New America Media, Q&A, Carolyn Goossen, Mar 17, 2010
Carlos Roa, 22, has been in the US for twenty years without papers. Now he is walking 1500 miles from Miami to Washington D.C. asking politicians to move on the Dream Act which would give thousands like him to get a shot at college and legalization.
On the Road with Evo
New America Now, Audio, Sandip Roy, Mar 09, 2010
Tupac Saavedra discusses Hilary Clinton's recent trip to Latin America. He is the director of On the Road with Evo, a PBS Frontline/World documentary about Bolivian president Evo Morales' election campaign.
Record Snowfalls Batter Indian Country
New America Media, News Report, R.M. Arrieta, Feb 10, 2010
Reservations across the northern plains, specifically in South Dakota and Nebraska and in the Big Mountain region of Black Mesa in Arizona are fortifying themselves after enduring several weeks of snowstorms with little or no heat, water or food, and impassable roads.
Break the Chains of Haitis Debt
New America Media, Commentary, Hayley Hathaway, Feb 03, 2010
Today, Haiti owes $1 billion to the international community for loans. But instead of insisting on repayment, the IMF and other lenders must forgive Haiti's debts so it can rebuild its ravaged country.
Drug Surveillance Drones Frequent Flyers in Latin America
New America Media, News Report , Marcelo Ballv, Jan 27, 2010
Drone aircraft are increasingly engaged in counterdrug missions over South American jungles and Mexican cities. The drones, many manufactured and sold by Israel, represent the latest high-tech escalation of Latin Americas anti-drug efforts.

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