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Women's Longevity Declining In Parts Of U.S.
Nov 14, 2012
HARTFORD, Conn.--One of the most disturbing trends in American public health is that women's life expectancy is shrinking in many parts of the U.S. Women's longevity took an unprecedented nosedive during the past decade, researchers recently discovered, with their life...
Study: Stress Causes At Least 30% of Blacks to Retain Dangerous Levels of Salt
Sep 29, 2012
 Thirty to 37 percent of African Americans, most of them men, retain abnormally high levels of salt in their bodies, even while they sleep, as a result of daily stress.The salt, about 160 milligrams, a teaspoon, or what is contained...
Asian American Athletes Represent U.S. at 2012 Olympics
Jul 25, 2012
 More than a dozen Asian and Pacific Islander American athletes will represent Team USA at the Summer Olympic Games in London, and several more will serve as back-ups or replacements. The competitors will join hundreds of fellow Americans in their...
Foiling Expectations: U.S. Fencers Go For Gold
Jul 17, 2012
SAN FRANCISCO -- A bourgeoning group of young Asian American fencers is looking to usurp the sport’s Eurocentric stereotypes. At the forefront is the Massialas Foundation at Halberstadt, located in San Francisco’s Mission District. With three fencers currently ranked in...
‘Netflix of Africa’ Brings Nigerian Films to the World
Jul 15, 2012
Walk into any African hair braiding shop or store in the United States and you’ll probably see a Nigerian film blaring from a television screen.Once only available as pirated DVDs sold by street-side peddlers, the wildly popular "Nollywood" films will...
Is Immigration Fueling the Rise of Nativism in Europe?
May 11, 2012
Far-right parties across Europe are gaining momentum, as witnessed by their recent successes at the ballot box in Greece and France. While immigration is thought to be a major factor fueling the parties’ rise, a recent report by the Migration...
Absentee Mexican Voters Rise by Nearly Half Since Last Election
May 05, 2012
PHOENIX -- Luis Avila, a naturalized U.S. citizen who emigrated from Mexico to Arizona, plans to visit his home country on July 1 to cast his vote for the Mexican presidential election.“Mexicans who live in the exterior also get impacted...
National Infant Immunization Week: Chicago Continues Push for Vaccinations
Apr 24, 2012
CHICAGO – On the eve of National Infant Immunization Week (NIIW), Chicago was awarded “Most Improved City” by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for reaching nearly a 75 percent vaccination rate for infants in 2011, representing a...
Mexico Tourism Booming Again, Despite Violence
Feb 23, 2012
MERIDA, Mex. – Despite relentless coverage of the Mexican drug war by U.S. news media over the last several years, tourism to Mexico is rebounding strongly. Following three years of sharp decline that began in April 2009, when fears over...
The American Dream has Emigrated to Europe
Jan 19, 2012
To anyone who grew up in the Cold War, the rhetoric of the Republican Party’s 2012 presidential candidates is strangely familiar. The United States, they warn, is threatened by an alien ideology. What’s startling is that the bogeyman this time...
Scientists Gleaning Longevity’s Secrets From Okinawa to Loma Linda
Dec 24, 2011
Photo: Okinawan seniors attend lectures at the Kariyushi Longevity School. (From This Is Okinawa.)BOSTON--The secrets of longevity are not so secret any more.Scientists know a lot about how diet, exercise, and social connections can extend the human lifespan. But experts...
Shelf Unbound indie book review magazines Top 10 Books of 2010
Shelf Media Group, List of Books, Staff, Nov 18, 2010
Shelf Unbound indie book review magazines Top 10 Books of 2010
The Catholic Church's Dirty Little Secret
New America Media, Commentary, Blase Bonpane, Mar 31, 2010
The Vatican should end the cult of silence that is also the law of the mafia, writes commentator and former priest Blase Bonpane. That won't end the evil of pedophilia, he writes, but it will no longer be anyones dirty little secret.
Filipino Veterans
41,000 Filipino WWII Vets File for Compensation
Philippine News/New America Media, Investigation, Cristina Pastor, Mar 01, 2010
A year after President Obama signed a law finally compensating Filipino World War II veterans for their service, reporter Cristina Pastor examines how it happened ... and some problems that are beginning to emerge.
india elderly
The Elderly Are Left Out in The New India
New America Media, News Feature, Sandip Roy //Photographs: Bishan Samaddar, Jan 04, 2010
How do the 80 million elders in India see themselves fitting into the country's young and dynamic image? Not very well. This is the first in a series of reports by NAM editor Sandip Roy, whose reporting was supported by a fellowship from the South Asian Journalists Association.
Save the Jewish Deli
New America Media, Interview Audio, Mary Ambrose, Dec 27, 2009
More and more varieties of ethnic restaurants seem to be opening up everywhere. Yet in this expanding landscape the one ethnic restaurant that seems to be shrinking is the Jewish deli.
Italy's Media Wrestle with Immigrant-Bashing
New America Media, Commentary, Sandip Roy, Nov 24, 2009
Clandestinos are the illegals in Italys immigration debate. Its the word for the countrys million-plus immigrants without papers. The word comes loaded with negative connotations. Now, Italian media observers are asking if the word itself is not fanning flames of xenophobia.
Illegal in Italy
NAM, Sandip Roy, Nov 18, 2009

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