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Mexico -- The New Destination Country
Jan 23, 2013
U.S. media coverage of Mexican migration themes focuses on the outflow of people from south of the border to north of the border. But for some, Mexico is viewed as a land of opportunity and a promising new home. Despite...
Latina Immigrants: The New Ambassadors of Islam
Jan 18, 2013
Tucked away in a quiet rural neighborhood in Somerset, New Jersey is an old brownstone that houses the New Jersey Chapter of the Islamic Center of North America’s (ICNA) WhyIslam Project. Within its confines, in a second floor office decorated...
The Dream Is Alive For Dreamers
Dec 11, 2012
Autumn in Los Angeles. Thoughts across the Southland turned to pigskin as the big UCLA-USC game approached. And on one particular day, some Trojans saw fit to express their allegiance by spray painting genitalia around the UCLA sign.“It’s childish, but...
Coming Out and Living As a Double Minority
Oct 09, 2012
 In the 1990s, homosexuals in the small, predominantly white college town of Moscow, Idaho faced the same discrimination barriers they faced everywhere. For Mike Chin, however, growing up as a gay Asian American meant having to reconcile the twin challenges...
Madres migrantes: con el corazón dividido
Sep 22, 2012
Mientras que en los medios de comunicación nacionales se debate si las mujeres pueden tenerlo todo, éxito laboral y familia, poco se conoce del dilema de otras.Ellas son las inmigrantes sin documentos que trabajan como niñeras en los Estados Unidos...
Immigrant Mothers--Living With a Heart Divided
Sep 22, 2012
As national media debate whether women can “have it all” – a successful career and a family – one group of women has chosen to provide for their families at all costs, even if it means leaving their kids behind.They...
China May Have Largest Shale Gas Reserves
Jul 30, 2012
China may have the world's largest mineable shale gas reserves, about 20 percent of the world's total, according to a report published on the website of the Ministry of Land and Resources on July 30.The report said the world's minable...
The End of El Diario-La Prensa?
Jul 21, 2012
Traducción al españolWhen earlier this year the Argentinian newspaper, La Nación, bought ImpreMedia, the publisher of El Diario-La Prensa, La Opinión and other US-based Spanish-language newspapers, they made assurances, like most buyers initially do, that not much would change. However,...
¿El Fin de El Diario-La Prensa?
Jul 20, 2012
Cuando a principios del año el periódico argentino La Nación compró ImpreMedia, propietario de El Diario-La Prensa, La Opinión y otros diarios en español en los Estados Unidos, dio a conocer varias promesas-tal como la mayoría de compradores hacen al...
Two Former Argentine Dictators Convicted in Baby Thefts
Jul 06, 2012
Two former Argentine dictators were convicted Thursday of "the systematic stealing of babies from political prisoners," reports the Associated Press. During Argentina's "Dirty Wars" (1976-1983), the country's military junta kidnapped, tortured and killed leftist dissenters, and gave their babies to...
Semantics Important to Immigrants' Struggle, Garcia Argues
Jun 22, 2012
Aspiring attorney Sergio Garcia has taken his minutes of fame to encourage what attorneys often love most — a debate. And Garcia wants a single ground rule.Garcia is fighting for a license to practice law in California despite his undocumented...
For First-Time Voter, Obama’s Support of Gay Marriage Brings Hope
May 10, 2012
On Wednesday, people across the nation tuned their television sets to an exclusive White House press briefing, where they heard Barack Obama utter a sentence that no previous president had ever dared: “I think same-sex couples should be able to...
How a Handful of Cartoonists Empowered Generations of Latin Americans
May 09, 2012
When I was 14 years old, I ended up getting a torn copy of the 1953 Argentinean comic Sergeant Kirk, which changed the way that I saw comic books and cartoons forever. The main character was a soldier in the...
Argentina: 35th Anniversary of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo
Apr 30, 2012
On Thursday, April 30, 1977, a small group of women met in the Plaza de Mayo of Buenos Aires, Argentina with the aim of handing over a letter to then-president Jorge Videla, appealing for information about the whereabouts of their...
What’s the Soundtrack of Your Immigrant Culture?
Apr 28, 2012
Latino immigrants and their descendants have long struggled to define their identity. Like any community, economic and cultural hardships sometimes make them feel isolated and different. That is why when a survey from the Pew Hispanic recently pointed out how...
As SB 1070 Heads to Court, a Father’s Case Reveals the Larger Problem
Apr 24, 2012
A New York father faces deportation to Argentina, likely because he went into diabetic shock and had the poor luck to be met by police officers who arrested him, instead of sought aid for him. His case is shining a...
Filipino Priest Wins Goldman Enviro Prize
Apr 23, 2012
MANILA -- Father Edwin “Edu” Gariguez was named one of six recipients for this year’s Goldman Environmental Prize. The annual award from the Goldman Environmental Foundation goes to “grassroots environmental heroes from each of the world’s six inhabited continental...
Argentine Goldman Prize Winner Overcame Baby’s Poisoning and Death Threats
Apr 17, 2012
Photo: Sofia Gatica, photograph courtesy Goldman Environmental PrizeSAN FRANCISCO— After Sofia Gatica’s newborn died of agro-toxin exposure in 1999, the Argentine mother of three set out to stop Monsanto’s indiscriminate use of agrochemicals on her nation’s soy fields. Against all...

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