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Navajos Come Out Full Force for Obama
Nov 12, 2012
 It turned out that President Barack Obama didn't need the help of Navajo voters, winning re-election easily in Tuesday's election.But Navajo voters came out in force for the national elections and overwhelmingly supported Obama in the election.Election officials in both...
Women Muralists Return to Chicano Park
Jul 29, 2012
SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- “Being the disobedient woman was the only way to save your soul,” Irma Lerma Barbosa exclaims when she recalls growing up Chicana/Yaqui in Sacramento and then navigating the heady days of the Chicano Movement. She, along...
Pioneer of Chicano Art Still Going Strong in Bay Area
Apr 29, 2012
Xavier Viramontes is a nationally renowned printmaker whose prints impacted many political movements and social justice campaigns during the 1970’s. His prints are also part of the revolutionary canon of Chicano art produced at Galeria de la Raza in San...
Mexican Presidential Candidate Keeps Her Cool in LA
Mar 13, 2012
LOS ANGELES – Dressed in a blue suit, both simple and elegant, presidential candidate Josefina Vázquez Mota of Mexico’s National Action Party (PAN) left the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles the same way she arrived: smiling and greeting...
Mexico’s Female Presidential Candidate Keeps Her Cool in LA
Mar 13, 2012
LOS ANGELES – Dressed in a blue suit, both simple and elegant, presidential candidate Josefina Vázquez Mota of Mexico’s National Action Party (PAN) left the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles the same way she arrived: smiling and greeting...
African Americans Raise Voices Against Arizona Law
Phxsoul.com, News Report , DaVaun Sanders, May 10, 2010
Response to the new legislation, including a march on the state Capitol on Wednesday, has made one thing evident for Valley Hispanics opposing the lawthey do not stand alone.
Ricardo Rodriguez
Apartheid Hits Arizona
New America Media, Commentary, Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez, May 06, 2010
Columnist Roberto Rodriguez argues apartheid in today's Arizona is in some ways more complete and brutal than it was in South Africa.
Drug Surveillance Drones Frequent Flyers in Latin America
New America Media, News Report , Marcelo Ballv, Jan 27, 2010
Drone aircraft are increasingly engaged in counterdrug missions over South American jungles and Mexican cities. The drones, many manufactured and sold by Israel, represent the latest high-tech escalation of Latin Americas anti-drug efforts.
Starbucks to Pay Mexico for Unauthorized Use of Aztec Images
EFE, Jan 08, 2010
Starbucks has agreed to pay intellectual property rights to Mexico for a line of coffee mugs depicting pre-Hispanic Aztec images
Will Small Businesses Cash in on Stimulus Dollars?
Hispanic Business, News Report, Hiram Soto, Apr 28, 2009
Owners of small businesses, which generate six out of 10 of the country's new jobs, aren't sure they will benefit from the almost one-quarter of stimulus package funds that the government has allocated to them.
Beyond Pacquaio-De La Hoya, Two Peoples Long-lost Ties
New America Media, Commentary, Rene P. Ciria-Cruz, Dec 27, 2008
The recent Pacquiao-De La Hoya fight pitted Mexican and Filipino fans against each other, but the two fighters have many common ties.
Pacquiao Buries De La Hoya
La Opinin, News Report, Rafael Ramos Villagrana, Translated by Elena Shore, Dec 07, 2008
Manny Pacquiao was a "Filipino tsunami" in Saturday night's boxing match against Oscar De La Hoya.
Pacquiao Buries De La Hoya
La Opinin, Dec 07, 2008
The Filipino tsunami was relentless, reports La Opinin.
Only In America -- The Making of a Young Patriot
New America Media, Commentary, Russell Morse, Jul 04, 2008
Patriots aren't born, they are made through their experiences -- and sometimes they are even manufactured through cheating, lying and warring.
Youth Voices: Respect Mother Earth
New America Media, Commentary, Manuel Santana & Lupita Torres, Mar 20, 2008
The environmental teachings of Native Americans could save us from an unsustainable way of life that is harmful to our health, write Manuel Santana, 23, and Lupita Torres, 22.
Nothing Better Than a Grandma's Love: Voices From the Inside Thank Their Elders
The Beat Within, Commentaries, Various Authors, Nov 22, 2007
Young detainees thank the elders who have made a difference in their lives -- from grandparents to older street hustlers to barbers.
Black and Brown Unite to Stop Minutemen
San Francisco Bay View, News Report, Leslie Radford , Jul 10, 2007
Minutemen and anti-Minuteman protestors clashed in Leimert Park, with L.A. police standing in between.
latino black
Who Gains From Framing Gang Attacks in LA as Ethnic Cleansing?
Color Lines, News Report , Tarso Lus Ramos, Jun 05, 2007
Who gains from framing gang attacks beween Latinos and Blacks as ethnic cleansing? The answer to the question is at the end of the money trail, reports Color Lines Magazine.
indian running
Where Was the Maya Civilization in Mel Gibson's Apocalypto?
New America Media , Commentary, Gerardo Aldana, Dec 10, 2006
To the many scholars around the country who are familiar with the intricate and complex legacy of the Maya, Mel Gibson's new film is an affront and embarrassment to that history.
sundust and rose
Thanksgiving Myth Conceals Massacre, Says Indigenous Journalist
New America Media, Q&A, Interview by Peter Micek, Nov 23, 2006
The popular image of pilgrims and Indians feasting together on Thanksgiving Day rings false for Bay Area journalist Sundust Martinez. (Photo: Native Voice TV hosts Sundust Teocuauhtli Martinez and Rose Cihuapilli Amador.)
All LA All Day -- Aliens. Nave Americans and Robots
YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia, VideoMultimedia Feature, Words: Russell Morse//Photos: Ryan Furtado//Video:Russell Morse, Josue Rojas and Min Lee//Comic: Josue Rojas, Jul 07, 2006
The author had visions of a cyborg Govenor, Mexican graff skater punks and gang banging mayors dancing in his head as families of immigrants and their supporters marched through the Los Angeles streets.

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