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Ehren Watada

The Price of Dissent: 1st Lt. Watada's Future Still a Mystery
Pacific Citizen, News report, Pacific Citizen Staff, Jun 14, 2008
Seven months after a federal judge prevented the Army from a second court-martial, no new paperwork has been filed.
Pink Slips Greet Many Returning Iraq War Vets
Black Voice News, News Report, Chris Levister, Jan 09, 2008
Tens of thousands of members of the National Guard and reserves who are called up to serve in Iraq return home to find their civilian jobs gone and face unsympathetic employers.
2007: Not the Year of the Asian Man
Nichibei Times, Commentary, Ben Hamamoto, Jan 01, 2008
The image of the Asian male was given a serious uplift in 2006 with the likes of Yul Kwon, winner of Survivor, and James Kim, C-Net commentator. But in 2007, says Ben Hamamoto, that image falters with the likes of Cho Seung-Hui.
Kurdish Boy
Shooting in Wartime - A Photographer in Iraq
New America Media, Q&A,Audio, Sandip Roy, Nov 23, 2007
Ashley Gilbertson's photographs have been on the front page of The New York Times and the International Herald Tribune. But he says the scars from being in the war will take a long time to heal.
Lt. Ehren Watada: Experience Makes You Stronger
AsianWeek, News Report, Peter J. Swing, Oct 14, 2007
Lt. Ehren Watada publicly refused deployment orders to Iraq, becoming the first commissioned officer of the United States Army to do so since 1965. He currently faces six years in federal prison and a dishonorable discharge.
National JACL Board Strengthens Support for Watada
Pacific Citizen, News report, Caroline Aoyagi-Stom, Executive Editor, Sep 05, 2007
After much debate within the organization, the board issues a statement calling for a fair and impartial trial and reinforces Watada's right to be protected from double jeopardy.
Manga For the Massses: Japanese Comics Hit the Mainstream.
AsianWeek, News Feature, Megan Kung, Jun 16, 2007
Japanese animation and comic books have become a global phenomenon and the United States is not immune to it either. The current Japanese anime exhibit at the Asian Art museum in San Francisco is a testimony to Japan's artistic influence in the world of comics.
Japanese American Soldiers Making a Difference in Iraq and Abroad
Pacific Citizen, News Feature, Carolilne Aoyagi-Stom, Jun 01, 2007
Japanese American soldiers talk about their war experiences and why they joined the army and what they think of Ehren Watada, the first lieutenant facing court martial this July for refusing to deploy to Iraq last June.
UpFront: Saying No to War, Boat People Make Their Own Movie
Audio, UpFront Radio, Apr 09, 2007
Up Front Radio is an award winning, hour long, news and culture audio magazine for and from California's ethnic communities.
Watada, Resister
Chonk Moonhunter, Video, Curtis Choy, Feb 07, 2007
These videos document the historic meeting between Lt. Watada and war resisters from WWII -- two weeks before the young army offficer was put on trial for refusing to deploy to Iraq.
Making Art While Interned
New America Media, Q&A, Pueng Vongs, Feb 03, 2007
Japanese Americans during World War II in internment camps kept their spirits up by making art. Some of their work is now on display at the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Folk Art and in a book called The Art of Gaman by Delphine Hisrasuna.
Lt. Watada Explains His Risky Stand On Iraq
International Examiner, Q & A, Ken Mochizuki, Jan 24, 2007
The general court martial for U.S. Army 1st Lt. Ehren Watada, the first commissioned officer to refuse to serve in Iraq, begins at Fort Lewis on Feb. 5. He spoke to the International Examiner (IE) on his cell phone as he drove from Olympia to Seattle on Jan. 11.
Canada Gives Cold Shoulder to War Resisters
New America Media, News Analysis, Mary Ambrose, Jan 03, 2007
The president is considering up to 20,000 troops to Iraq. As a result, talk of a draft, builds. Some young men who were asked to return to Iraq have deserted to Canada.
Japanese American Citizens League Rejects Resolution to Increase Support for Watada
Pacific Citizen, News Report, Caroline Aoyagi-Stom, Nov 26, 2006
Five months after the Honolulu officer refused to deploy to Iraq, the issue continues to divide the national organization.
Exclusive: One on One With 1st Lt. Ehren Watada
Pacific Citizen, Q&A, Caroline Aoyai-Stom, Aug 30, 2006
U.S. Army First Lieutenant Watada has now been officially charged by the U.S. Army for his decision to refuse deployment to Iraq. He faces possibly eight years in military prison and a dishonorable discharge. Before being charged, he reflected on his decision and its impact.
Saying No to War Is Defending the Constitution
New America Media, Q&A, Sandip Roy, Aug 29, 2006
Army First Lieutenant Ehren K. Watada, the first commissioned officer to publicly refuse to deploy to Iraq, appeared before a military court on August 17th. His father, Bob Watada, spoke to NAM Editor Sandip Roy on his son's behalf.
Refusing to serve, refusing to give up, the state of Afghan women, and are girls smarter than guys?
Audio, Up Front Radio, Aug 25, 2006
Up Front Radio is an award winning, hour long, news and culture audio magazine for and from California's ethnic communities.
U.S. Army Charges Japanese American 1st Lt. Watada
Pacific Citizen, News Feature, Caroline Aoyagi-Stom, Aug 06, 2006
First Lt. Ehren Watada, 28, has now been officially charged by the U.S. Army for his decision to refuse deployment to Iraq last month. He now faces three charges including missing troop movement, conduct unbecoming an officer, and contempt towards officials.

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