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Aging Arab Americans: The Invisible Elders
Jan 22, 2013
DETROIT--As an Arab American journalist with a keen interest in community affairs and empowerment, I know that the elderly segment of the Arab American population is, like the entire community, in need of more resources, services and understanding. However, receiving...
Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign Spreading Like Wildfire
Dec 09, 2012
Image: The kick-off of the Do The Math tour in Seattle on November 7, 2012, coordinated by 350.org, whose founder is author and activist Bill McKibben (pictured here in the front, center). Divestment from fossil fuel companies is a key component...
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Olympics 2012
Aug 10, 2012
Every four years, we marvel at and delight in acts of human endeavor on the world’s biggest sporting arena. Sadly, no Olympics is free from the occasional ugly moment, which, luckily, is heavily outweighed by the many wondrous ones.  Here’s...
Hunger Wars: Heat, Drought, Rising Food Costs Portend Global Unrest
Aug 09, 2012
The Great Drought of 2012 has yet to come to an end, but we already know that its consequences will be severe. With more than one-half of America’s counties designated as drought disaster areas, the 2012 harvest of corn, soybeans,...
There Are Olympians Without Countries—And Millions of Regular People, Too
Aug 01, 2012
If you watched the opening ceremony for the Olympic games in London, it was hard to miss the self-described “independent Olympians.” There were four of them: Guor Marial, Philipine van Aanholt, Reginald de Windt, and Lee-Marvin Bonevacia. In a celebration...
As Violence Returns to Sudan, a Lost Boy Continues Mission to Provide Care
Jul 09, 2012
EDITOR’S NOTE: One of the former “Lost Boys of Sudan,” John Dau, is a genocide survivor who arrived in New York as a refugee in 2001, after enduring a 14-year-long journey from his village in Duk County. Having witnessed how...
Syrians Flee Violence at Home, Find Refuge in Southern California
Jun 05, 2012
The City of Daraa became the inferno of the ongoing Syrian uprising last March in one clean, bloody swipe, when 15 children who had scribbled anti-government phrases on the walls of their school were arrested, beaten and tortured, many of...
UN Issues First Report on LGBT Human Rights
Dec 20, 2011
The first ever United Nations report on the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, released Dec. 15 by the UN Office for the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva, outlines “a pattern of human rights...
UN Issues First Report on Human Rights of LGBT People
Dec 20, 2011
The first ever United Nations report on the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, released Dec. 15 by the UN Office for the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva, outlines “a pattern of human rights...
After Iraq -- US Abandons Engagement for War on Tyrants
Dec 20, 2011
The Iraq War may well never be over since its objective of regime change continues to dictate U.S. foreign policy and spawn endless conflicts. Nine years after the second intervention against Baghdad, it is abundantly clear that Saddam Hussein’s prophetic...
Call it 'Elections in Sudan'
Mosaic Intelligence Report, Video, Jamal Dajani, Apr 03, 2010
In a report released on Tuesday, the Brussels-based International Crisis Group accused the government in Khartoum of using flawed census figures to draft unfair election laws and skew electoral districts in favor of the ruling National Congress Party.
India vs China
Why India Has an Advantage Over China
India Currents, Commentary, Raywat Deonandan, Feb 05, 2010
Democracy, English and age profile are just three of the reasons why India might have an advantage over China in the race to the top according to one commentator. But India has a lot of hurdles of its own.
Arab Americans Call Airport Profiling Unconstitutional
New America Media, News Report, Esther M. Gentile, Jan 13, 2010
Some Arab-American and civil rights groups say the new airport screening regulations amount to "racial profiling" for citizens of 14 predominantly Muslim nations.
Copenhagen climate accord
Why I Would Sign the 'Copenhagen Accord'
Oneworld.net, Opinion, Jeffrey Allen, Dec 20, 2009
No doubt the "Copenhagen Accord" is a bad deal for the world's most vulnerable countries. But when it came time for the final up or down decision, every leader had to decide what response, at this extraordinarily precarious moment in human history, would most likely result in success down the road.
refugee children
Courage Beyond Their Years
IExaminer, News feature, Dori Cahn, Nov 29, 2009
The journey a refugee takes is, at best, challenging: leaving home and loved ones behind, surviving war or political turmoil, living in a refugee camp for an uncertain period of time, and eventually ending up in an unfamiliar place and having to learn an entirely new language and culture.
Africa's Media Explosion
New America Media, News Feature, Edwin Okong'o, Nov 27, 2009
African immigrant entrepreneurs are increasingly taking advantage of the low cost of starting online media to launch Web sites facilitating discussions between the Diaspora and the continent. Although the Internet has been a bridge between other immigrants and their home countries, connecting African immigrants to the continent has been slow because of underdeveloped infrastructure.
soccer algeria egypt world cup
Egypt vs. Algeria World Cup Violence Comes from Political Frustrations
New America Media, News Report, Jalal Ghazi, Nov 17, 2009
Western media misread the violent Arab reactions to Saturdays World Cup match in which Egypts Pharaohs beat Algerias Desert Foxes 2-0, setting up a World Cup qualifying game between the two in Sudan on Wednesday.
Religion Oppression
Should India be on Religious Oppression Watch List?
India Currents, Debate, Rajeev Srinivasan and P. R. Ganapathy, Oct 12, 2009
The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom has put India on a watch list for oppression of religious minorities. Two views on that decision from Indian Americans.
Who Asked Us? What Student Activism Means to Me
New America Media, Commentary, Shenekah Cayetano, Sep 19, 2009
Over Labor Day weekend, a Los Angeles youth group took 30 students on a Bay Area college tour to visit major universities, community leaders and activists. Shenekah Cayetano kept this diary of what the trip meant for her future.
IMMIGRATION MATTERS: Undocumented Haitians Deserve to Stay Here
New America Media, Commentary, Gerald Lenoir, Sep 15, 2009
President Obama should grant Temporary Protected Status to Haitians immediately before more Haitians die or are impacted by natural disasters.

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