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Vietnam Sentenced 14 Democracy Activists to Years in Prison
Jan 09, 2013
According to the Vietnamese Redemptorist website, police arrested and assaulted many people when they flocked to attend the trial of 14 Vietnamese patriots.According to state media, this is "the trial of criminal cases with 14 defendants respectively Ho Duc Hoa,...
David Phan's Suicide Sparks Grief, Anger and Calls for Justice
Jan 06, 2013
 After their son took his own life on November 29th, David Phan’s family received two boxes. One box, sent by Bennion Junior High, was filled with generic pamphlets on how to deal with suicide-related grief. The other box, given by...
The ABCs of Hmong
Dec 20, 2012
Photo: First graders in the Hmong immersion program at Susan B. Anthony Elementary work on their writing and vocabulary. Photo by Andria Lo SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- At Susan B. Anthony Elementary, Mr. Vue’s kindergarteners sit on a brightly colored...
Twin Cities Honors Hyperlocal Journalism
Nov 01, 2012
The first ethnic and community media awards in Minneapolis honored a range of media from a Hmong reporter to an African American veteran who had witnessed Dr. King's I Have a Dream speech.
The Science of Racism: Radiolab’s Treatment of Hmong Experience
Nov 01, 2012
On September 24, NPR show Radiolab aired a 25-minute segment on Yellow Rain. In the 1960s, most Hmong had sided with America in a secret war against the Pathet Lao and its allies. More than 100,000 Hmong died in this...
Gov. Brown Urged to Okay Translation of Ballot Initiatives
Sep 22, 2012
SAN FRANCISCO -- Voting rights activists called on Gov. Jerry Brown to sign into law a Senate bill requiring the translation of ballot initiative petitions and recall petitions for state offices into minority languages.“Our current initiative process with material written...
Healthier Meals Await Oakland Students Returning to School
Aug 22, 2012
BERKELEY, Calif. – Jennifer Le Barre, Oakland Unified School District’s nutrition services director, vows that students in Oakland’s public school will know what a fresh peach is when they pick it up.Le Barre was speaking at a news briefing here...
Hirono, Hanabusa to Face Republican Rivals in Hawaii
Aug 18, 2012
 HONOLULU — As a result of the Aug. 11 primary, Rep. Mazie Hirono and former Gov. Linda Lingle will once again face off in an election for a top political office in Hawaii.In 2002, then-Lt. Gov. Hirono lost in the...
Vietnam: Four Religious Advocates Facing Trial for Social Activism
May 23, 2012
 Vietnamese authorities should immediately release four Catholic activists accused of conducting propaganda against the state and drop the charges against them, Human Rights Watch said today. The People’s Court of Nghe An is scheduled to hear the cases against them...
Vietnam: Four Regilious Advocates Facing Trial for Social Activism
May 22, 2012
 Vietnamese authorities should immediately release four Catholic activists accused of conducting propaganda against the state and drop the charges against them, Human Rights Watch said today. The People’s Court of Nghe An is scheduled to hear the cases against them...
California Schools Under More Stress
May 22, 2012
LOS ANGELES—A new education report finds that California schools are under more stress than ever after years of budgets cuts.The first report by EdSource to analyze school stress factors, “Schools under Stress: Pressures Mount on California’s Largest School Districts” identifies...
San Francisco Murder of Five Spotlights Asian Gambling Addiction
Mar 29, 2012
SAN FRANCISCO – What drove Binh Thai Luc, 35, to be charged this week with slaying five people in a San Francisco home last week? The grisly murders have rocked the city and left investigators and the public searching for...
Chinese Media on SF Killings
Mar 27, 2012
SAN FRANCISCO – The brutal killing of five people in a San Francisco home last week has shocked the city, with news emerging that the suspect in the case had been ordered to leave the country in 2006. As questions...
Dharun Ravi’s Biggest Liability: He Was Indian
Mar 17, 2012
 It’s not because there was bias against Indians that came out in the courtroom. It was not because his ethnicity was put on trial, that he became some kind of Exhibit A for an affluent but socially conservative immigrant community.Dharun...
‘Keep K-Town Whole’ Demand L.A. Koreans
Mar 09, 2012
Korean activists and community organizers were among a group of about 200 or so who crowded into Los Angeles’ City Hall this past week to make their voices heard as members of the City Council met to discuss what has...
The Filipino Foodie Guide to Metro New York
Feb 19, 2012
Manhattan has not always been a hotbed for Filipino cuisine, but with the recent spate of Filipino restaurants opening in the city, that may not be the case for long.A few years ago, there were Filipino restaurants in the city...
In Thailand, Elephant Sashimi is All the Rage
Jan 30, 2012
SAN FRANCISCO -- In Asia, there's an ongoing irony that deepens as the natural world dwindles to the size of a parking lot. Wild animals, once revered and assigned all kinds of spiritual meaning, are increasingly ending up as...
LA Voters' Political Voice Hangs on Redistricting Commission
Jan 09, 2012
  LOS ANGELES--Few people on the streets of Los Angeles are aware of a local process underway that could determine whether or not they have a voice at Los Angeles City Hall. Commissioners Investing in Civic Engagement LOS ANGELES—New America...
Q&A: Bay Area Cambodians and the Khmer Rouge Trials
Jan 08, 2012
Editor’s Note: Nearly 2 million Cambodians lost their lives in the infamous killing fields in their homeland between 1974 and 1979. Two months ago, a U.N.-backed tribunal began a trial for three of the accused architects of the genocide. Stanford...
Thai Civil War Cannot be Won by Bullets and Tear Gas
New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, May 19, 2010
Heres a crucial lesson for the current Thai regime. Its far easier to gun down peasants armed with bamboo spears, slingshots and Molotov cocktails on the streets of Bangkok than it is to win the hearts and minds of the increasingly restless peasantry that make up the majority of the country.
Buddhist Activism Tilting Thailand's Political Drama
New America Media, Commentary, Yoichi Shimatsu , Apr 24, 2010
Commentator Yoichi Shimatsu argues that understanding Thailand's religious rivalries is key to understanding its Red Shirt rebellion.

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