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Indian Rape Protests Foretell Feminist Spring
Dec 31, 2012
SAN FRANCISCO – As a co-founder of Narika, a Bay Area-based helpline for South Asian victims of domestic violence, I have come across many incidents of sexual assault against women in my community. It happens with numbing regularity.But few things...
Ghana's New Leader Talks Africa's Future
Jul 24, 2012
Editor's note: On July 10 in New York City, The Root was honored with the opportunity to sit down with Ghana's then-Vice President John Dramani Mahama, who was doing a book tour for his new memoir, My First Coup d'Etat:...
Doing the 'African Do' in China
May 16, 2012
Immigrants from Congo, Paul Luyeye and Martha Makuena recently opened up China's first authentic African hair salon in Beijing, reports the China Daily. Part of a growing population of African migrants, the pair arrived ten years ago and say they...
Blistering Barnacles: The Lost Adventure of Tintin
Dec 25, 2011
 Charles de Gaulle famously said, “My only international rival is Tintin.”Now Hergé’s Tintin will have his own rival — Spielberg’s Tintin.The (battle)lines are drawn. What should be an homage from one master storyteller to another will instead become a battle...
Lawsuit Alleges Rwandan President Kagames Guilt in Rwanda Genocide and Congo War
San Francisco Bay View, News Report, Ann Garrison , May 04, 2010
On April 30, in Edmond, Oklahoma, a team of lawyers and process servers attempted to personally serve Rwandan President Paul Kagame with an eight count lawsuit, which includes racketeering to acquire and control the resources of eastern D.R. Congo.
Internally Displaced Persons
Invisible Among the Dispossessed: Internally Displaced Persons
New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Feb 18, 2010
While a refugee who fits the strict definition given by the Geneva Convention is, at least in principle, provided some legal protection, such as the right to food and shelter and the freedom to practice his religion, an internally displaced person is virtually invisible, his story never told, and his rights nonexistent.
Africom: President Obama's Bush Inheritance, Challenge
Final Call, News Report, Jehron Muhammad, Oct 27, 2009
Africom is overseen by General William Kip Ward, the Army's highest-ranking Black American, and is the sixth U.S. geographic combatant command.
Gunman Attacks Women's Village in Kenya
Oneworld.net, News report, Brittany Schell, Aug 22, 2009
A gunman attacked a women's village Tuesday in northern Kenya, threatening and chasing women from their homes, an advocacy group reported. The police have yet to take any action to stop the man, the former husband of the village's founder.
Crack Swiss Banks to Free Africa's Wealth
New America Media, Commentary, Edwin Okong'o, Aug 20, 2009
African journalists and human rights activists have always known that without the banking secrecy laws of countries like Switzerland, the level of corruption in Africa would plummet.
Obamas Africa Visit Must Be About More Than Promises
New America Media, Commentary, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Jul 10, 2009
Obama talks of a new partnership with Africa. This implies that the U.S. will bump Africa higher up on the White Houses radar. He must be true to his word.
A Call for Reparations on the World Stage
Final Call.com, News Report, Ashahed M. Muhammad, May 04, 2009
Blacks in the Diaspora continued the mission initiated eight years ago at the World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa, to demand the United Nations declare the trans-Atlantic slave trade a crime against humanity.
Racism conference
Obama Gets it Right and Wrong on U.N. Racism Conference
New America Media, Commentary, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Apr 20, 2009
President Obama's decision for the U.S. to skip the global conference on racism is a disappointment. Though the one-track focus on Israel lets other countries off the hook, Obama missed a valuable opportunity to call to task other forms of racism and state-sponsored abuse as well.
Global Crisis Hits Africa Hardest
Black Star News, News Feature, Sifelani Tsiko, Feb 23, 2009
Africa is the hardest hit as the turmoil engulfing Western financial markets is forcing most companies on the continent to shut down mines and factories.
Is Africom a U.S. Military Maneuver or Real Help?
Final Call, News Analysis , Saeed Shabazz, Feb 16, 2009
Activists, advocates and scholars worry that the true purpose of Africom is to increase U.S. power over African nations, exploit natural resources and pursue American military objectives.
The U.S./U.K. Roles In Congo's Blood Diamonds Industry
Black Star News, Commentary, Kambale Musavuli , Feb 16, 2009
The United States and Great Britains implication in the Congo is becoming very clear. These two great powers consider Rwanda and Uganda their staunch allies, while both loot the Congo.
Political Leaders Moving Toward a United States of Africa
Final Call, News Analysis , Saeed Shabazz, Jan 24, 2009
Following the election of John Atta Mills, some analysts believe the recent election in Ghana has marked a new era of democracy in Africa.
Obama's Royal African Roots
Black Star News, Commentary , Akena p'Ojok, Dec 30, 2008
While royalty is a concept thoroughly enmeshed in European history, Africa's roots of regal rule is celebrated by one author's research on America's President-elect Barack Obama.
Warfare Can't Resolve Uganda's Crises
Black Star News , Commentary, Peter Otika , Dec 17, 2008
If warfare resumes and the rebels seek revenge as a result of the attack, the suffering and deaths of people in northern Ugandan will continue or even worsen.
Justice Long Overdue in the Congo
New America Media, Commentary, Muadi Mukenge, Dec 12, 2008
The Democratic Republic of Congo is being ravaged by a violence the rest of the world should not ignore. Yet, Western governments continue to send arms deliveries to rebel movements and oppressive governments.
Instability Continues in the Congo
NNPA, Commentary, Bill Fletcher Jr., Dec 04, 2008
At least five million people have died as a result of wars in the Democratic Republic of the Congo since 1997. The conflict is Africas first world war.

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