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fidel castro cuba

First Havana-Miami Cargo Service Marks Sea Change for Cuba Past and Future
Jul 16, 2012
  Photo: Last week, the Bolivian ship, Ana Cecelia, the “Peace Boat,” set sail with the first regular cargo service between Miami and Havana in a half-century, marking new era. MIAMI, Fla.—When the Bolivian merchant ship, the Ana Cecelia, docked...
Cubans Seek Change, Not End to Revolution
Jun 26, 2012
In Cuba change is in the air. But such change should not be read as an end to the revolution.“The United States and the exile community are dead wrong if they think that regime change will take place at any...
Iran’s Ahmadinejad Visits Four Latin American Countries
Jan 12, 2012
President Obama’s authorization of the expulsion of the Venezuelan consul general from that country’s consulate office has further deteriorated relations between the two countries. Although the Obama administration has not been explicit as to the reason for the expulsion, the...
cuba US relations
U.S.-Cuba Relations: 1 Step Forward, 10 Steps Back
Caribpress.com, Commentary, Christina Pina, Jan 27, 2010
Washington's move to increase scrutiny of travelers from Cuba in wake of Christmas Day bombing attempt by Nigerian national appears to have given both sides ample reason to revert to old ways.
Castro's Sister, CIA Spy
Univision, Oct 27, 2009
Juanita Castro, the 76-year-old sister of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro and current Cuban president Ral Castro, revealed that she collaborated with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
Cuba Ends Food Guarantees, Steps Back from Socialist Ideal
New America Media, News Analysis, Louis E.V. Nevaer, Oct 23, 2009
Cuba is set to abandon the food rationing program that has been the cornerstone of its Socialist revolution.
Cuba Undertakes Reforms in Midst of Economic Crisis
New America Media, Commentary, Roger Burbach, Sep 20, 2009
Hit by the global economic crisis, a drop in tourism and the price of nickel, Cuba desperately needs to implement agricultural reforms.
Obama to Suspend Helms-Burton Act
Diario La Esrella, Jul 17, 2009
The Obama administration notified Congress that it plans to suspend the Helms-Burton Act, which was passed 13 years ago in order to continue the economic embargo of Cuba.
U.S.-Cuba Politics Play Out at OAS Gathering
New America Media, News analysis, Roger Burbach, Jun 02, 2009
U.S.-Cuba relations are once again front and center as the meeting of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, begins today. While Cuba will not be represented there--it was ousted in 1962 at the height of the Cold War--its flag is part of the OAS banner. And its evolving relations with a new U.S. administration will loom large as Latin American nations seek to move beyond old politics.
New America Now: Cuba: Past & Future Tense
New America Media, Audio, May 29, 2009
How the US-Cuba relationship may change with an Obama administration and what Cuba is famous for other than Castro and cigars.
Obamas Challenge: Free Trade
New America Media, Commentary, Adam Sgrenci, Apr 17, 2009
President Obama needs to break with the failed policies of the Bush administration at the Summit of the Americas, writes the commentator.
At Cuba's Book Fair, Castro Challenged by Unauthorized Literature
New America Media, News analysis, Louis Nevaer, Feb 25, 2009
A Cuban novelist whose tale is critical of Fidel Castro and the society that developed after the revolution had a publicif extra-legalreading of his work at the Havana Book Fair. It portends an opening for change in Cuba that observers welcome, even if they don't quite know why it is occurring.
Winds of Change Blow Across Cuba
New America Media, News Analysis, Roger Burbach, Jan 25, 2009
Cuba celebrated its 50th anniversary after the revolution as a new administration moved into Washington with the promise of change, and as the transition in Cuba's own government faces inevitable change, much of it percolating up from the people.
Claiborne Pell
This Pell Tolled For Ordinary Americans
New America Media, Commentary, Eve Pell, Jan 05, 2009
The late Sen. Claiborne Pell might have been a "quirky blueblood," but when a flustered cousin set off the burglar alarm at his home, she realized the extent of his legacy.
New America Now: A Cuba Special
New America Media, Audio, New America Now Radio, Dec 19, 2008
New America Now (formerly UpFront Radio) is New America Media's award-winning radio show about dispatches from the new majority - inter-ethnic, international and intergenerational news for the new America.
Obama Effect Highlights Racism in Cuba
New America Media, News Analysis, Louis E.V. Nevaer, Dec 15, 2008
Barack Obama's victory has made Cubans more willing to speak out against the institutional racism that exists half a century after Fidel Castro established a "color blind" egalitarian society.
Chinese President Meets with Fidel Castro
EFE, Nov 20, 2008
China's influence in Cuba continues to increase with this week's visit by Chinese president Hu Jintao.
Cubans in Mexico: A Troubling Exodus
New America Media, News report, Louis E.V. Nevaer, Apr 09, 2008
Dead Cubans in Cancun are causing Mexican authorities to take note. Cuban-on-Cuban violence is rising as a power struggle emerges between Cuban mafias.
Havanas Youth Tune Out the Revolution
New America Media, News Report, Louis E.V. Nevaer, Mar 12, 2008
In a country where dissent is a crime and there are no legal avenues for voicing dissatisfaction with government, headphones attached to iPods, MP3 players or antiquated Sony Walkmans have become a form of social protest.

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