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Aging Arab Americans: The Invisible Elders
Jan 22, 2013
DETROIT--As an Arab American journalist with a keen interest in community affairs and empowerment, I know that the elderly segment of the Arab American population is, like the entire community, in need of more resources, services and understanding. However, receiving...
Political Islam and the Arab Spring
Jan 05, 2013
Editors Note: The recent popular outcry in Egypt in response to President Morsi trying to usurp power was a test case for the ruling Muslim Brotherhood party. In reaction to the recent political protests in Egypt, one Arab- American commentator...
In Chicago, Iraqi Refugees Carry Memories of War
Dec 23, 2012
CHICAGO -- A fragile sense of security often robs Zuhair Sulaiman of the luxury of a good night’s sleep. “The fear is embedded inside,” he said in Arabic at a meeting at Arab American Family Services in Bridgeview, Ill., just...
No Relief For Iraqi Refugees, One Year After U.S. Withdrawal
Dec 17, 2012
Five years ago the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) described the Iraqi refugee crisis as “the largest long-term population movement in the Middle East since the displacement of Palestinians following the creation of Israel in 1948." Not...
Gaza Youth: Growing Up In 'The World's Largest Jail'
Dec 14, 2012
 SAN FRANCISCO – A series of drawings is spread across the table in front of Ayman Nijim. One of them, in hues of yellow and blue, shows a row of helmeted stick figures – the Star of David carefully traced...
The Skeletons in Calderon’s Closet
Dec 01, 2012
Pictured above: Mexico's new President, Enrique Peña NietoEditor's Note: Today's inauguration of Mexico's new President, Enrique Peña Nieto, has Mexicans wondering how the new government will confront the crisis of narcoviolence. In the last weeks of the administration of outgoing President Felipe...
War or Peace in Mexico? Drug Cartels Declared 'Truce'
Nov 27, 2012
 Do messages attributed to three Mexican underworld organizations portend war or peace? Retrieved by Mexican soldiers, three so-called narco-banners displayed last week in the southern state of Guerrero and purportedly signed by three groups-the Gulf cartel, La Familia Michoacana and the Knights Templar-announced not...
War or Peace in Mexico? Drug Cartels Declared Truce
Nov 27, 2012
 Do messages attributed to three Mexican underworld organizations portend war or peace? Retrieved by Mexican soldiers, three so-called narco-banners displayed last week in the southern state of Guerreroand purportedly signed by three groups-the Gulf cartel, La Familia Michoacana and the Knights Templar-announced not...
Obama vs. Romney: Top 5 Foreign Policy Differences
Oct 22, 2012
In a presidential election that was supposed to be all about the economy, global events have turned the spotlight on foreign policy just weeks before Election Day. The killing of Christopher Stevens, the U.S. ambassador to Libya, concern over Iran's...
Obama’s Fleeting Cairo Moment
Sep 17, 2012
In April 1980, a U.S. helicopter crashed into a transport plane in the Iranian desert, sealing the fate of a rescue mission ordered by President Jimmy Carter to save 53 American hostages in Tehran. The debacle that was Operation Eagle...
A World of Impostors
Sep 16, 2012
 SAN FRANCISCO--The week that brought real tragedy--the death of Americans and others in faraway places--also brought forward a parade of impostors. Foremost among them was a man in Southern California named Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, an ex-con and an Egyptian Coptic...
Disillusioned by Obama, Muslim Voters Face Tough Choice
Sep 10, 2012
 At a time when U.S. Muslims and mosques are increasingly under attack, some Muslim Americans say Obama has not taken a strong enough stance against Islamophobia. The Democrats’ inclusion last week of support for marriage equality and Jerusalem as the...
U.S. Ethnic Media on the DNC: Passion, Pick-Up Lines and Possibility
Sep 07, 2012
Editor’s Note: A snapshot of U.S. ethnic media coverage from this week’s Democratic National Convention provides a glimpse into the ways the DNC is playing out in their communities. New America Media takes a look at some of the reporting...
Study: Common Pesticide Seems to Harm Boys’ Brains More Than Girls
Aug 24, 2012
NEW YORK, N.Y.--A widely used pesticide – banned in homes but still commonly used on farms – appears to harm boys’ developing brains more than girls’, according to a new study of children in New York City.In boys, exposure to...
Romney’s Policy on Latin America: Not Much to Look At
Aug 23, 2012
GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has amassed a collection of headlines impugning his foreign policy credentials since his speech at the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) convention and overseas trip. This publicity he has received all too characteristically crops Latin...
NYC Bus Ads are Latest Salvo in Pamela Geller’s Jihad
Aug 10, 2012
The American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), an organization devoted to countering what it calls “Islamic supremacism,” recently submitted an ad for New York City buses. The proposed poster states: “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support...
No Room for Romney's 'Anglo-Saxon' Politics
Aug 03, 2012
NEW YORK--Both at home and abroad, he's shown that he doesn't get the multiethnic population he wants to lead.So much for the melting pot.When an anonymous foreign-policy adviser to presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney criticized President Obama in the United...
Mitt Romney’s Jerusalem Speech Panders to the Right-Wing
Jul 30, 2012
Mitt Romney’s foreign policy speech to the Jerusalem Foundation in Israel on Sunday qualified him to be President—of Israel. His observations were as remarkable for what he didn’t say as for what he did. They could have been written by...

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