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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Olympics 2012
Aug 10, 2012
Every four years, we marvel at and delight in acts of human endeavor on the world’s biggest sporting arena. Sadly, no Olympics is free from the occasional ugly moment, which, luckily, is heavily outweighed by the many wondrous ones.  Here’s...
There Are Olympians Without Countries—And Millions of Regular People, Too
Aug 01, 2012
If you watched the opening ceremony for the Olympic games in London, it was hard to miss the self-described “independent Olympians.” There were four of them: Guor Marial, Philipine van Aanholt, Reginald de Windt, and Lee-Marvin Bonevacia. In a celebration...
Smithsonian Website Helps Aspiring Citizens Ace Civics 101
May 30, 2012
WASHINGTON -- Well over half a million immigrants gained their American citizenship in 2011. One hurdle they all had to pass -- a hurdle even most citizens would struggle with -- is an oral test on U.S. government and history.Given...
Filipino Priest Wins Goldman Enviro Prize
Apr 23, 2012
MANILA -- Father Edwin “Edu” Gariguez was named one of six recipients for this year’s Goldman Environmental Prize. The annual award from the Goldman Environmental Foundation goes to “grassroots environmental heroes from each of the world’s six inhabited continental...
National Defense Authorization Act Targets Political Dissenters
Jan 21, 2012
On January 22, 2009, newly inaugurated President Barack H. Obama proudly issued his first three executive orders, one of them, a directive requiring the infamous Guantanamo Bay prison facility to be closed within one year.Nearly three years later, Guantanamo Bay...
Lawsuit Alleges Rwandan President Kagames Guilt in Rwanda Genocide and Congo War
San Francisco Bay View, News Report, Ann Garrison , May 04, 2010
On April 30, in Edmond, Oklahoma, a team of lawyers and process servers attempted to personally serve Rwandan President Paul Kagame with an eight count lawsuit, which includes racketeering to acquire and control the resources of eastern D.R. Congo.
Immigration Courts Swamped by Backlogs
New America Media, News Report, Valeria Fernndez , Apr 09, 2010
Judicial vacancies and shortages of court staff, coupled with the increased detention of immigrants that started under Pres. George W. Bush and continues to grow during the Obama administration, are causing exponential growth in immigration caseloads around the country. Legal experts say the dysfunction affects the justice system and must be fixed.
Climate change
Natural Disasters Hit Women Harder Than Men
Inter Press Service, Thalif Deen, Mar 08, 2010
Climate change is exacerbating existing gender inequalities with a devastating effect on the quality of life of poor women and girls.
Carson Articulates Obama Policy on Africa
M'shale, Charles W. Corey , Feb 28, 2010
Assistant Secretary of State Johnnie Carson, met with reporters February 24 and answered questions on a wide array of issues: Ethiopia, Kenya, Niger, Cote dIvoire, Somalia, and Chinas operations in Africa, reports M'shale.
Anti-Gay Sentiment in Uganda
Why Ugandans Embrace U.S. Christian Rights Anti-Gay Agenda
New America Media, Commentary, Edwin Okong'o, Jan 12, 2010
American religious right-wingers are flocking to Africa and are having more success in passing new legislation criminalizing homosexuality there than they are having in the United States. The most vicious of those laws is in Uganda, where Parliament is now considering a bill that would make some homosexual acts punishable by death.
Ethiopia Crackdown
Amid Crackdown, Ethiopias Hope Rests on Foreign Journalists
New America Media, Commentary, Alemayehu G. Mariam, Dec 20, 2009
Dictatorial regimes in some countries are forcing local media outlets to close down and foreign publications to step in and fill the gap. That is what is happening in Ethiopia today.
Death penalty
Support for Death Penalty Continues to Fall
New America Media, Commentary, Michael A. Kroll, Dec 18, 2009
The United States still employs the death penalty in its criminal justice system, as do Iran, Iraq, China and Cuba. But mounting evidence points toward a continuing erosion of support for capital punishment in states around this country and in the rest of the world.
refugee children
Courage Beyond Their Years
IExaminer, News feature, Dori Cahn, Nov 29, 2009
The journey a refugee takes is, at best, challenging: leaving home and loved ones behind, surviving war or political turmoil, living in a refugee camp for an uncertain period of time, and eventually ending up in an unfamiliar place and having to learn an entirely new language and culture.
Africa's Media Explosion
New America Media, News Feature, Edwin Okong'o, Nov 27, 2009
African immigrant entrepreneurs are increasingly taking advantage of the low cost of starting online media to launch Web sites facilitating discussions between the Diaspora and the continent. Although the Internet has been a bridge between other immigrants and their home countries, connecting African immigrants to the continent has been slow because of underdeveloped infrastructure.
African Media 'Explode'
New America Media, Blog, Edwin Okong'o, Nov 20, 2009
Kenyan Community Gets New Print Newspaper
New America Media, News Report, Edwin Okong'o, Nov 19, 2009
While many newspapers are struggling with cutbacks and layoffs, Paul Waithakas publishing career is just getting started. He has published the first print issue of the Kenya Monitor, a newspaper for the Kenyan community.
Pacquiao Wins Seventh World Title, His Fans Become Global
New America Media, News Report/Video, Anchor/Reporter: Odette Keeley / Video: Mike Siv & Min Lee, Nov 15, 2009
Pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao is the Filipino people's champ once again for his historic win over Miguel Cotto. But as a mixed crowd in a Northern California restaurant that watched this fight proves, "Pacman" has become a global icon.
Power Sharing- the Fix-it-all From Honduras to Zimbabwe
NAM, Blog, Sandip Roy, Oct 30, 2009
Rape: America's Least Reported Crime
New America Media, News Report, Laura Goode , Oct 29, 2009
Last Saturday night, a 15-year-old girl in Richmond, Calif. survived a brutal gang rape. Reports allege that more than 20 peoplegenders unspecifiedwatched. In America a rape occurs every two minutes.
Elephant Voices
New America Media, Audio, Sandip Roy, Oct 27, 2009
Dr. Joyce Poole is the director of Elephant Voices, an organization which studies elephant cognition, communication, and social behavior. She discusses her findings on African and Asian elephants.
Ethiopia 2010: Here Comes Africas Festival of Electoral Fraud
New America Media/Ethiomedia.com, News Analysis, Alemayehu G. Mariam, Oct 21, 2009
While U.S. attention is fixed on Afghanistans contested elections, African elections have devolved into rituals of absurdity, with open attacks on democracy in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

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