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Hunger Wars: Heat, Drought, Rising Food Costs Portend Global Unrest
Aug 09, 2012
The Great Drought of 2012 has yet to come to an end, but we already know that its consequences will be severe. With more than one-half of America’s counties designated as drought disaster areas, the 2012 harvest of corn, soybeans,...
After Iraq -- US Abandons Engagement for War on Tyrants
Dec 20, 2011
The Iraq War may well never be over since its objective of regime change continues to dictate U.S. foreign policy and spawn endless conflicts. Nine years after the second intervention against Baghdad, it is abundantly clear that Saddam Hussein’s prophetic...
Ethiopia Crackdown
Amid Crackdown, Ethiopias Hope Rests on Foreign Journalists
New America Media, Commentary, Alemayehu G. Mariam, Dec 20, 2009
Dictatorial regimes in some countries are forcing local media outlets to close down and foreign publications to step in and fill the gap. That is what is happening in Ethiopia today.
A Farce in Honduras
La Opinin, Editorial, Staff, Nov 14, 2009
A constitutional farce is taking place in Honduras, write editors of La Opinin. It started in June with the overthrow of Zelaya and continues to this day, making a mockery of the international community and the efforts of the United States.
Power Sharing- the Fix-it-all From Honduras to Zimbabwe
NAM, Blog, Sandip Roy, Oct 30, 2009
Ethiopia 2010: Here Comes Africas Festival of Electoral Fraud
New America Media/Ethiomedia.com, News Analysis, Alemayehu G. Mariam, Oct 21, 2009
While U.S. attention is fixed on Afghanistans contested elections, African elections have devolved into rituals of absurdity, with open attacks on democracy in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.
African Leaders
Clinton Should Tell African Big Men to Emulate Asian Dictators
New America Media, Commentary, Edwin Okong'o, Aug 11, 2009
Hillary Clinton says she is bringing a new message to Africa. But Africa's leaders have gotten used to rhetoric from the West. Maybe she needs to look east for some more practical solutions.
Ethiopian-American Professor Awarded World Food Prize
Tadias, News Report, Jul 15, 2009
An Ethiopian-born Purdue University professor has received the World
 Food Prize, an honor considered by many to be the Nobel 
Prize of agriculture. Gebisa Ejetas sorghum hybrids, which are 
resistant to drought and the devastating Striga weed have
 dramatically increased the production and enhanced food 
supply in sub-Saharan
Obama ghana
African Blood Saved Obama From Scrutiny in Ghana
New America Media, Commentary, Edwin Okong'o, Jul 12, 2009
During his visit to Ghana, President Barack Obama laid out a U.S. policy that wasnt any different from that of his predecessors. But because of his blood ties, he is exempt from tough questions.
Obamas Africa Visit Must Be About More Than Promises
New America Media, Commentary, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Jul 10, 2009
Obama talks of a new partnership with Africa. This implies that the U.S. will bump Africa higher up on the White Houses radar. He must be true to his word.
Mugabe Calls US Envoy An Idiot
Black Star News, News Report, Staff, Jul 08, 2009
Robert Mugabe met Mr. Carson on the sidelines of the AU summit Mr. Mugabe was also not fond of Mr. Carson's predecessor, Jendayi Frazer, who is also Black.
Hear Us Zimbabwean Women Affected by Political Violence Speak Out
Witness.org, Video, May 12, 2009
In 2008, political violence erupted throughout Zimbabwe as a result of the contested national elections. Zimbabwean women of all ages, targeted for their political affiliations, were abducted from their workplaces and homes, raped, tortured, and beaten in secret torture centers
Africa Channel CEO is Said to Have Been Ousted
Los Angeles Wave, News Report, Olu Alemoru , Mar 24, 2009
The head of a leading cable channel for African programming has been ousted from his position as chief executive amid mounting financial difficulties.
Global Crisis Hits Africa Hardest
Black Star News, News Feature, Sifelani Tsiko, Feb 23, 2009
Africa is the hardest hit as the turmoil engulfing Western financial markets is forcing most companies on the continent to shut down mines and factories.
Is Africom a U.S. Military Maneuver or Real Help?
Final Call, News Analysis , Saeed Shabazz, Feb 16, 2009
Activists, advocates and scholars worry that the true purpose of Africom is to increase U.S. power over African nations, exploit natural resources and pursue American military objectives.
That's Mighty White of You, Salma Hayek
New America Media, Commentary, Jasmyne A. Cannick, Feb 12, 2009
I like Salma Hayek -- as an actress. I respect her work and I think she's one of the most beautiful women in the world. However, that doesn't give her the right to go into a country and try and change their traditions by whipping out her breast.
Impact of Sanctions Downplayed in Zimbabwe Crisis
Final Call, News Analysis, I.K. Cush, Dec 29, 2008
The government of Zimbabwe has been unable to borrow money from international financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank since 2001.
Instability Continues in the Congo
NNPA, Commentary, Bill Fletcher Jr., Dec 04, 2008
At least five million people have died as a result of wars in the Democratic Republic of the Congo since 1997. The conflict is Africas first world war.
The Africa Channel -- Destroying Stereotypes of the Continent
New America Media, Video, Words: Edwin Okong'o//Video: Cliff Parker, Nov 28, 2008
Africans have sat back and helplessly watched as the image of their continent continues to be assaulted. But that may change if The Africa Channel succeeds.

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