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Southern Baptist Minister Prays for Obama's Death
Washington Afro, News Report, James Wright, Jul 07, 2009
The Rev. Wiley Drake told Fox News Radio earlier this month that he was practicing imprecatory prayer or seeking a divine curse that would cause the president to die. 

Time for Immigration Reform is Now
Staff, Jun 25, 2009
New America Media and its ethnic media partners join their editorial voices in calling for reform to the nation's immigration policy in this editorial, published by news outlets across the country to bring attention to the urgency of the issue.
Report Confirms Black Male Employment Is Lacking
AFRO.com, News Report, James Wright, Jun 24, 2009
African-American men are finding it harder to get a job during this recession and their prospects may not get better anytime soon.
Slain Holocaust Museum Guard Cited as Hero
AFRO.com, News Report, Dorothy Rowley and Miriam Thoss, Jun 14, 2009
As the nation comes to grips with the horrifying tragedy that struck the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in the District of Columbia this week, its lone victim, 39-year-old security guard Stephen Tyrone Johns, is being remembered as a gentle giant.
African American Farmers May Get Gov't Money
New America Now, Audio, Odette Keeley, May 22, 2009
African-American farmers may get money from the government;and some Hispanic-owned Chrysler car dealerships will close soon.
Recession Continues to Curb Blacks' Dream of Home Ownership
Washington Afro, News Report, Dorothy Rowley, May 18, 2009
Blacks and Latinos experienced the sharpest reversal in home ownership in recent years among ethnic groups.
Obama's Road Show Rolls On
AFRO.com, News Report, Sean Yoes, Apr 20, 2009
The Summit of the Americas ends today in Trinidad and Tobago, a conference President Barack Obama called very productive.
Rep. Jackson Under Scrutiny
AFRO.com, News Report, Zenitha Prince , Apr 14, 2009
The political career of U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. could be jeopardized by a congressional ethics inquiry into his finagling for the Senate seat vacated by President Obama.
Minority Stakes for Stimulus Dollars
New America Now, Audio, Odette Keeley, Mar 13, 2009
This week: The Afro newspaper reports that black urban neighborhoods will benefit greatly from the stimulus package; while news wire Reznet says some smaller Native American tribes may have a hard time fighting for their stimulus dollars.
Job Losses Continue to Soar
AFRO.com, News Report, Dorothy Rowley , Mar 11, 2009
Astounding is how President Obama, speaking Friday, characterized the nations new Unemployment figures -- a staggering 8.1 percent, the highest since 1983 as employers pick up the pace of layoffs.
Stimulus Targets Urban Development, Black Neighborhoods
Black Press USA.com, News Report, Zenitha Prince, Mar 06, 2009
For people in America, the stimulus and investment package signed by President Obama this week could be particularly beneficial.
NAACP Appeals To Korean Grocers In Baltimore
New America Now, Audio, Odette Keeley, Feb 27, 2009
This week: NAACP wants Korean grocers to close some shops in Baltimore; and, one of the organizations California branches fights racial profiling in San Jose.
D.C. Voting Rights Bill Wins Crucial Senate Vote
Afro American Newspaper , News Report, James Wright , Feb 26, 2009
A historic vote in the U.S. Senate, with Republican support, sets the stage for the possibility that residents of Washington, D.C. soon will have Congressional representation.
Black Colleges Struggle in Economic Downturn
Washington AFRO, News Report, Sean Yoes, Feb 18, 2009
Black schools that have provided sanctuary for low-income students are stumbling under the weight of the country's economic crisis. Enrollments are down and fundraising sources have dried up.
Historic Stimulus Bill -- Obama's First Big Victory
Washington AFRO, News Report, Sean Yoes , Feb 16, 2009
The Senate followed the lead of the House and passed a historic $787 billion stimulus package that President Barack Obama fought vigorously for and he says he will sign it into law.
African Americans Vie to Lead Republicans
AFRO, News Report, James Wright , Jan 28, 2009
After suffering major losses in the last two elections, Republicans have a chance to make history as well as inroads with crucial minority voting blocs next weekend when they meet to select their next chairman.
Hip Hop Helped a Dream Come True
AFRO, News Report, Marcus A. Williams, Jan 24, 2009
Music makers and the creative minds behind the scenes of the hip hop culture worked to encourage the youth of America to vote, all flocked to the nations capital to celebrate a job well done
New America Now: Remaking America, and Interfaith Tolerance
New America Media, Audio, New America Now Radio, Jan 23, 2009
New America Now (formerly UpFront Radio) is New America Media's award-winning radio show about dispatches from the new majority - inter-ethnic, international and intergenerational news for the new America.
The Presidential Inauguration and Hopes for a New Era
New America Now Radio, Audio, Odette Keeley, Jan 23, 2009
This week: African-American and African media both cover one of the most anticipated presidential inauguration ceremonies in U.S. history.
Black Middle Class in Crisis
Washington Afro, News Report, Zenitha Prince , Jan 06, 2009
The current economic crisis has waged a particularly severe attack on the Black middle-class in the United States, experts say.
Caregivers Brace for Economys Impact on Health
Washington Afro, News Report, Zenitha Prince , Dec 29, 2008
Levels of anxiety in communities across the United States have increased due to the faltering economy, medical experts say.

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