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Asian Immigrant and Eating Habits During Lean Times

New America Media, Blog/Review, Andrew Lam , Jul 20, 2013

A regular meal at the Wangs: Steam chicken with ginger, fried tofu, fish in black bean sauce, stir fry bok choy in garlic, fresh fruit.

Boston Bombers -- The Denial of American Grandeur

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam , Apr 25, 2013

As the story of the Tsarnaev brothers unfolds from asylum, to attempts at assimilation and finally to terrorism -- I hear echoes of another set of brothers from my own country, Vietnam.

What's in A Name? A Vietnamese Immigrant's Perspective

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam , Apr 16, 2013

Many immigrants change names when they come to the US but some don't. Andrew Lam thinks it's a good mental challenge to keep many names and manage them.

Post 9/11, Is Coming to America Still Worth the Journey?

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Sep 08, 2011

Andrew Lam at the Commonwealth Club

New America Media, Speech/Reading, Andrew Lam, Jun 14, 2011

The Bay Area- a Cultural Melting Pot: a Review of East Eats West

Nguoi Viet Tay Bac, Review, Matthew de Moraes, May 09, 2011

Census 2010: Welcome to the Bay-Sian Area

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Mar 14, 2011

SF State Hosts Southeast Asian Diaspora Conference

New America Media, Blog , Andrew Lam, Mar 09, 2011

If you want to know all about Southeast Asian cultures, politics, history and diasporas, the Southeast Asian Diaspora Conference at San Francisco State is taking place March 10-11, and it is a free event.

Andrew Lam at the Smithsonian

New America Media, blog , Andrew Lam, May 17, 2010

Arizona's New Immigration Law

FilAm-Star, Immigration, Jun Medina, May 15, 2010

Governor of Arizona passed new immigration law to question anybody who looks unreasonably suspicious to produce documentation of citizenship. Racial profiling is suspected. Civil and constitutional rights are believed to be in violation.

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