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Sleep Apnea (Korean)

NAM Infowire, Monthly Column, Dr. Tat Lam, Mar 07, 2008

As a family physician, I often learn about my patientís sleep problems not from the patient, but from a loved one frustrated with the fatigue and sour mood that accompanies poor sleep.

Keeping Cholesterol in Check (Korean)

NAM Infowire, Monthly Column, By Dr. Osvaldo Rodriguez, Feb 05, 2008

Cholesterol is a type of fat called a lipid that your body uses to build new cells. Our bodies get cholesterol from the food we eat, as well as from our livers. Itís an important building tool for the body.

Health and Wealth Are Earned, Not Won (Korean)

NAM Infowire, By Tat S. Lam, MD, Jan 22, 2008

It may seem strange for a doctor to discuss heart disease and cancer prevention with a healthy 18 year-old patient during a routine physical. But itís no different from parents talking with their children about their careers and financial future.

Pregnancy 101: What Every Woman Should Know (Korean)

NAM Infowire, By Dr. Gonzalo Garreton, Dec 20, 2007

Dr. Garreton answers frequently asked questions about the natural process of pregnancy.

Alcohol Consumption: How Much Is Too Much? (Korean)

NAM Infowire, By Dr. Tat S. Lam, Nov 20, 2007

The holidays are approaching which means alcoholic beverages are going to show up on our tables more often in the days ahead. But before we begin to binge, letís explore the impact of alcohol on our bodies.

Help Your Child Prepare for the New School Year (Korean)

NAM Infowire, Monthly Column, By Dr. Deborah Gould, Sep 04, 2007

As the days of summer grow shorter and the new school year looms closer, itís time to consider what will be needed to make the transition a smooth one.

Growing Up in the Age of the HPV Vaccine (Korean)

NAM InfoWire, Monthly Column, Dr. Gonzalo Garretůn, Jul 01, 2007

When patients ask me if their daughters should get the HPV vaccine, I commend them. Most parents would rather not think about their childís sexuality -- understandably. But those who are asking these questions are on the right track.

After Kidney Failure, Then What? (Korean)

NAM InfoWire, Monthly Column, Dr. Mubasher Rana, May 25, 2007

Dr. Mubasher Rana outlines a plan for how to live a healthy life after kidney failure.

Health and Wealth Are Earned, Not Won (Korean)

NAM InfoWire, Monthly Column, Dr. Tat S. Lam, Jan 31, 2007

Thinking about heart disease and cancer when you're healthy is as important as planning for your financial future when you're young, according to Dr. Tat S. Lam.

What Really Cures Kid Colds (Korean)

NAM InfoWire, Monthly Column, Dr. Deborah Gould, Dec 31, 2006

When your child is sick, antibiotics aren't always the cure, says Dr. Deborah Gould.

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