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Franz's Word

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global handshake

How Globalism Became Public Enemy Number One For Both Left And Right

New America Media, Commentary, Franz Schurmann, Jan 02, 2007

Until recently, the left saw capitalism as its ideological enemy while for the right it was socialism. Today both left and right see globalism as their main enemy. PNS editor Franz Schurmann argues that there is more to this coming together than semantics.

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Why the World Seems to Be Getting Better and Worse at the Same Time

New America Media, Commentary, Franz Schurmann, Dec 01, 2006

Of the three great revolutionary -isms of the past two centuries, says NAM writer and co-founder Franz Schurmann, it is capitalism that has managed to secure a level of material affluence that has improved even the condition of the world's poor from where it was fifty years ago. Yet there is a widespread sense that things are getting worse. Capitalism's great failure is to create or sustain a moral order that is essential to people's well being.

genghis khan

The Saving Grace of Empire -- When Salvation Waxes and Chaos Wanes

New America Media, Commentary, Franz Schurmann, Oct 13, 2006

Two world leaders, Henry IV and Ghenghis Khan, consolidated power and melted religious and political strife. Franz Schurmann, professor emeritus of history and sociology at the University of California-Berkeley, looks at lessons gleaned from their reigns.


President Bush's Legacy- The Man Who Started The Second 30 Years War

New America Media, New Analysis, Franz Schurmann, Sep 05, 2006

The most appropriate analogy to the prolonged War on Terror described by the Bush Administration may be the religious wars that erupted in the West during the 6th and the 16th centuries. What paved the way for those wars was political rot, and where political conviction stagnated, religious belief filled the vacuum.

nebulous star

In Perilous Times -- Can Science and Faith Be Reconciled?

New America Media, Commentary, Franz Schurmann, Jul 14, 2006

For those whose faith in secular science was rattled by quantum physics' challenge of Einstein's "Theory of Relativity," a recent book called "Transcendental Physics" both confirms Einstein's shortcomings and draws on Einstein's own beliefs to resolve the enigma.

yao embroidery

Why Democracy May Not Survive Without Tribes

New America Media, Commentary, Franz Schurmann, May 17, 2006

Tribes have survived the rise and fall of empires, the spread of trade, global migration and the relentless wave of urbanization. Today people abandon tribes for the freedom and money of democracy, but democracy itself may not survive without tribes.

Angela and Rice

Pentagon Courts a New Partner -- Germany

New America Media, Commentary, Franz Schurmann, Apr 20, 2006

Germany is on a roll and the Pentagon is taking advantage of its restless energy to court a new partner.

Dust storm biker

Desertification -- The Oldest Form of Climate Change

New America Media, Commentary, Franz Schurmann, Mar 28, 2006

The Chinese have evolved ways of combatting the phenomenon through holistic approaches that recognize that people have found ways of living with and even flourishing in desertified regions.

Stone soldiers

Cooperation of Empires: Winning Without a Battle

Hong Kong Economic Times, Commentary, Kwong Piu Tsang, Mar 06, 2006

The peaceful worldview of Franz Shurmann's theory of empires, writes this columnist, will surpass the popular "Clash of Civilizations" model of world history.


Bringing Peace to Central Asia -- Ancient Poems and Stories More Powerful Than Modern Weapons

New America Media, Commentary, Franz Schurmann, Feb 24, 2006

Cultural threads -- woven together over millennia of wars, migrations, trade between ancient neighbors -- provide a foundation for stability in Central Asia that could prove more durable than the interventions of outsiders, whether Russia or the United States.

News > Franz's Word > 2