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Column by Franz Schurmann aimed at uncovering the directions that shape our lives.

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Mourning the Loss of Senator Edward M. Kennedy

Iranian.com, Eulogy, Jamshid S. Irani, Aug 29, 2009

America and the immigrant-rights community, including Iranians, have lost one of their greatest champions. Senator Edward M. Kennedy's life-long commitment to civil rights extended from African Americans to the disabled to the millions of immigrants and refugees who come to our nation.


Much-Promoted Stimulus Package Disappoints Many

New America Media, News Report//Video, Aaron Glantz//Video: Aaron Glantz and Rupa Dev, Aug 20, 2009

Six months after Pres. Obama signed the America Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the nations unemployment rate has continued to climb and many feel the stimulus bill is not working. Others see it working fine, if only to stop a spiral downward.


Re-imagining the Self, Re-imagining America

America.gov, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Apr 18, 2009

Every generation needs to redefine and articulate what its American identity means.


Can Obama Give Americas Soul a Stimulus?

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Feb 18, 2009

A stimulus package might hope to revive the economy. But what could resuscitate America's ailing soul? Could Barack Obama become the nation's healer-in-chief and restore America's social capital?

Sudhir Venkatesh

Underground Economy is the Engine in Poor Neighborhoods

New America Media, Q&A, Annette Fuentes, Jan 28, 2009

Sudhir Venkatesh is a sociology professor at Columbia University who has spent a decade studying a southside Chicago neighborhood where the informal or underground economy is an integral part of the local economy.


Economic 9-11: The Shrinking of Political Space

New America Media, News analysis, Roberto Lovato, Sep 27, 2008

Behind the economic bailout is a looming specter of government as Big Banker Brother, and activists are protesting for fear of further erosion of civil liberties.

Sustainability: Bridge to Tomorrow

New America Media, Commentary, L. Hunter Lovins, Aug 09, 2008

The United Nations 2005 Millennium Ecological Assessment reported that a rising human population has polluted or over-exploited two-thirds of the ecological systems on which life depends.


Flor y Canto: Celebrating Latino Poetry in San Francisco

New America Media, News feature, Melanie Reynard, Aug 07, 2008

Poetry is alive and well in San Francisco, home of the beat generation, and Latino poetry is thriving in its Mission District.

going green

Living Without a Car: My New American Responsibility

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Jul 23, 2008

Giving up the car is not easy for Americans, even amidst the gas crisis. But NAM editor Andrew Lam says that it is our new American responsibility to go green.


In Building a Platform, Working Families Find Common Ground

New America Media, News report, Ketaki Gokhale, Jul 01, 2008

Working families from all around America gathered in Chicago to rally around key issues as part of the national Equal Voice for America's Families campaign. New America Media's coverage of this issue is underwritten by the Marguerite Casey Foundation.

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