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Elders News Roundup

Elders News Roundup

Get the latest on research, media reports, or books on aging with quips, quotes and other items of note as spotted by NAM's Paul Kleyman (pkleyman@newamericamedia.org).

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They Shut The Door on My Grandmother

New America Media, Essay, Andrew Lam, May 08, 2013

When someone dies in the convalescent home where my grandmother lives, the nurses rush to close all the patients' doors. Though as a policy death is not to be seen at the home, she can always tell when it visits. The series of doors being slammed shut reminds her of the firecrackers during Tet.

budget cuts

California Budget Crisis Cuts Close to the Bone

New America Media, News report, Aaron Glantz, Feb 04, 2010

Unless the federal government coughs up $6.9 billion dollars more for California, Governor Schwarzenneger will completely eliminate a host of social programs, including Healthy Families, the state sponsored health insurance for children; CalWORKS welfare program.

JAMA Study: H1N1 Hits Hard at All Ages

New America Media, News Report, Paul Kleyman and Viji Sundaram, Nov 05, 2009

The swine flu is not just a threat to the young, as previously thought. A new study out indicates that H1N1 affects all age groups, including people over 65.

Early Deaths

Harvard Study: 45,000 Uninsured Die Every Year

New America Media, News Report, Paul Kleyman, Sep 18, 2009

It doesn't matter what race or ethnicity you belong to, but if you have no health insurance you could easily become one of about 45,000 people who die prematurely each year in the United States from a slew of health issues.

elder job fair

Elders Flock to Job Fair

New America Media, News Report, Jun Wang, Sep 15, 2009

As the national economy tanks, elders are forced to yank themselves out of retirement and take up jobs that may not always be well-paying.

Death Panels Language Distracts From Real Issues for Ethnic Elders

New America Media, Commentary, Paul Kleyman, Aug 26, 2009

Misguided cries of "death panels" could keep already frightened elders of color from planning ahead and being able to leave this life with a sense of dignity and control.

Mr. Bataan-Corregidor-small

Floridian Builds Monument to Filipino-American Wartime Friendship

Pinoy Newsmagazine, News Feature, Ellen Lansigan Elphick, Aug 21, 2009

A Filipino immigrant in Florida fulfilled his dream of building a memorial to honor the men and women who fought and died in World War II. Now, he is fighting to rename his motherland.

Thousands of California Elders Losing Long-Term Care

New America Media, News Report//Video, Paul Kleyman, Sidebar by Justine Drennan, Video by Paul Billingsley, Aug 10, 2009

Musician Ortiz Walton, 75, is one of millions of Americans who need long-term care. But he is about to lose services that have enabled him to stay in his Berkeley, Calif., home and out of a nursing institution, because Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger line-item vetoed those programs from the state budget.


Study Finds Universal Coverage Could Reduce Health Disparities

New America Media, News Report, Paul Kleyman, May 01, 2009

Researchers at Harvard University say universal health care, modeled along the lines of Medicare, is the answer to improving the health of African Americans, Latinos and poorer people in the United States,

New Study: U.S. Health System Bleak and Broken for Those Chronically Ill

New America Media, News Report, Paul Kleyman, Mar 20, 2009

America's broken health care system hits hardest at those who suffer from chronic diseases, which also sends the nation's medical care costs through the roof.

News > Elders News Roundup > 2 > 3