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Civic Initiatives

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Students Flock to Microfinance to Learn Real World Skills

New America Media, News Report, Cristina Cordova, Aug 28, 2008

Microfinance has been around for decades, but it got a major boost when one of its main practitioners won the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize. Now microfinance is catching on with college students who want to connect with those they are helping.

Census officials

Census Bureau to Ramp up Partnerships with Ethnic Media

New America Media, News Report, Khalil Abdullah, Aug 08, 2008

As the Census Bureau gets ready for Census 2010, its looking at ethnic media for help in making sure everyone is counted.

going green

Living Without a Car: My New American Responsibility

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Jul 23, 2008

Giving up the car is not easy for Americans, even amidst the gas crisis. But NAM editor Andrew Lam says that it is our new American responsibility to go green.


Beijing Turns Green Before the Olympics

New America Media, News feature, Jun Wang, Jul 03, 2008

From shopping to driving to eating, Beijing residents are rearranging their lives to help save the environment just in time for the Olympics Games this August.

Philly Sheriff Stops Enforcing Foreclosure Notices

Final Call, News Report, Nisa Islam Muhammad, Jul 01, 2008

The sheriffs office, well known for securing courtrooms, transporting prisoners and auctioning foreclosed properties, has now become the place for families to turn when foreclosure comes knocking.

equal voice

Fresno Town Hall Offers Window On How Family Issues Platform Evolved

New America Media, News report, Mai Der Vang, Jul 01, 2008

A look at the Fresno town hall, and the families who gathered there, offers a window into the tremendous the diversity of experience and the collective will to communicate that experience onto the national stage as part of the National Equal Voice for America's Families campaign.


In Building a Platform, Working Families Find Common Ground

New America Media, News report, Ketaki Gokhale, Jul 01, 2008

Working families from all around America gathered in Chicago to rally around key issues as part of the national Equal Voice for America's Families campaign. New America Media's coverage of this issue is underwritten by the Marguerite Casey Foundation.

Access Washington: Ice Raids Continue, Reid Discusses Reform

New America Media, News Report, Wendy Sefsaf, Jun 30, 2008

In Houston last week, U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) executed raid at a Houston used-clothing and rag-exporting company. ICE arrested more than 160 Action Rags USA employees.

Binational Indigenous Front Meets in Oaxaca

New America Media, Photo Gallery, David Bacon, Jun 24, 2008

The FIOB is a political organization of indigenous communities and migrants, with chapters in Mexico and the United States. It advocates for the rights of migrants, and for the right not to migrate.

San Francisco Families Fight for Their Homes

San Francisco Bay View, News Report, D. Butler with Nancy Anderman , Jun 15, 2008

If all goes according to schedule, in a few short years the Westpoint of years past will be bulldozed to the ground and replaced with new streets, new hilltop parks and new people to fill hundreds more homes than exist now.

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