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Hurricane Katrina

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Video conference

Katrina Video Shows Bush is No 'Tough Guy' President

New America Media, Commentary Audio, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Mar 02, 2006

Footage of a videoconference between President Bush and disaster officials a day before Hurricane Katrina lashed the Gulf Coast is smoking-gun proof of the president's poor leadership skills, the writer says.

Ray Nagin

As New Orleans Mayoral Race Looms, Displaced Residents Urged to Vote Absentee

Black America Web.com, News Report, Sherrel Wheeler Stewart, Feb 27, 2006

The state of Louisiana is allowing New Orleans residents who were registered to vote before Katrina to cast absentee ballots by mail.


Evictions of Katrina Victims Living in NYC Halted

The Amsterdam News, News Report, Talise D. Moorer, Feb 17, 2006

After pressure from community groups, the clergy and local politicians, hotels in New York that are housing evacuees lifted all deadlines and allowed the guests to remain until they secure permanent housing.

Many Black Students Put Off Spring Break Partying to Help Rebuild Gulf

Black America Web.com, News Report, Monica Lewis, Feb 09, 2006

Young African American students are forgoing spring break to help with the rebuilding of teh Gulf Coast.

new orleans

A 20-Point Plan To Destroy Black New Orleans

San Francisco Bayview, Commentary//Analysis, Robert D. Bullard, Feb 01, 2006

While reconstruction in the Gulf Coast area begins trends and observations by the commentator reveals the rebuilding could be turn out to be a second disaster for Black people.


Katrina Bill Addresses Environmental Problems

Afro American Newspaper, News Report, James Wright, Jan 25, 2006

The evironmental impact of Hurricane Katrina has gone largely unreported. If the environmental problems left by Katrina are not resolved in a timely manner Blacks may never repopulate New Orleans.

American Indians Continue to Rebuild After Katrina

New America Media, News Report, Amanda Robert, Jan 07, 2006

Trying to avoid a modern Trail of Tears that would force them to leave their lands, Louisiana tribes have sought help from volunteer groups like the Mennonites to rebuild after hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Child Refugee

Students Document Forgotten Katrina Victims: Vietnamese Americans

Sampan, News Report, Adam Smith, Jan 04, 2006

Vietnamese American students at the University of Massachusetts in Boston decided to devote their extracurricular studies on Vietnamese Americans in areas affected by Hurricane Katrina.


From New Orleans to Mumbai - Are 2005's Disasters Natural or Man-Made?

India Currents, Sharat G. Lin, Dec 26, 2005

Massive monsoon floods in Mumbai and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans generated similar headlines in 2005. But the parallels run deeper with both cities having been raised from swamps and then developed to the max.


Restoring Order After Katrina's Devastation

Native American Village, News Report, Martina Rose Lee, Dec 24, 2005

With Rita quickly following, 4,000 Houma tribal members found homes devastated, rebuilding slow. They need all the help they can get.

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