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NAM in Washington

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environmental racism

Dirty Justice: Tennessee Towns and Toxic Water

Washington Afro American, Commentary, Editor, Aug 03, 2007

One community receives official notice within 48 hours of testing that its drinking water is dangerously toxic. Another is encouraged to continue drinking from the same well for years. Death was the predictable result, 'environmental racism' almost an understatement.


After Daughters' Burials in U.S., Mother's Body Africa Bound

Washington Informer, News Feature, Barbara Flack-Darko, Aug 02, 2007

A mother, possibly exhausted and not feeling well, falls a sleep while trying to heat baby formula. Three children die from smoke inhalation in the fire. She dies as well. Her husband learns the news in an immigrant detention center.

NYC Councilmember Stalls Recognition of Black Hero

Black Star News, Commentary, Milton Allimadi , Jul 30, 2007

The Bedford-Stuyvesant community's efforts to have a street named after one of its heroes has been sidetracked by the actions of the New York's City Council Speaker who, in the past, co-sponsored the naming of a street for 'blackface' singer Al Jolson.

Getting Black Boys to Read Books

Black Commentator, Commentary, Anthony Asadullah Samad, Jul 29, 2007

Hip-hop and rap music may be useful tools to market reading to young African American boys; there are consequences, however, because the medium can be the message.

Wadhwa family

Another Side to Race and Immigration

Black Commentator, Commentary, Bill Fletcher, Jr., Jul 29, 2007

U.S. immigration policies affect Irish and European immigrants as well as those from South and Central America, Africa, and Asia. But it's the Latino face that has become the poster child for promoting anti-immigrant platforms.

bill cosby

Cosby in His Own Words

Washington Informer, News Feature, Joseph Young, Jul 27, 2007

Bill Cosby has transcended being just a comedian. We don't know exactly when it occurred, but we know when he chooses to speak to African American high school students, he's going to be frank and opinionated. Humor is the gravy.

handshake job ex-con

'Box' Ban Proposed for Baltimore Job Applications

Baltimore Afro American, News Feature, Leonard Sparks, Jul 26, 2007

From voting to jobs, local jurisdictions are seeking to find ways to provide more access for employment opportunities to those who have been arrested. Baltimore's plan seizes on initatives already underway in other cities.

general ward

GWB, Africa and a New African American General

Black Commentator, Commentary, Carl Bloice, Jul 25, 2007

Africa will continue to loom larger in U.S. foreign policy intiatives. While America is busy going ga-ga over Harry Potter, President Bush is looking to generate some magic of his own by the appointment of an African American to preside over Africom.

venus williams

Venus Williams Smashes Pay Disparity

Washington Informer, Commentary, Patrice Gaines, Jul 24, 2007

In sports, players who bring money to the game are indeed like the rising tide that lift all boats. In golf, it's Tiger Woods. In tennis, Venus Williams can take center stage in the arena of pay equity after her Wimbledon victory.

dr. e. faye williams

Women Leaders Ask Presidential Intervention for Jena Six

The Black Star News, News Feature, Jul 24, 2007

With 100-year sentences looming for a fist fight for African American students in Jena, Louisana, Dr. E. Faye Williams issues a call for justice to President Bush, Attorney General Gonzales, and the state's governor.

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