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NAM in the News

NAM as an advocate of ethnic and youth media often receives news coverage on its activities, including its annual Awards Banquet honoring ethnic media and its multilingual polling initiative. Formerly known as New California Media, much of the coverage of NAM you will read here refers to NCM.

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Legal Immigrants Give Voice to Immigration Debate

San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times, Jessie Mangaliman, Mar 29, 2006

Legal immigrants in the United States view undocumented immigrants favorably and support legislation that would give them a path to citizenship, according to a national, multilingual poll released Tuesday

Debate's Tone Worries Legal Immigrants, Poll Finds

San Francisco Chronicle, News Report, Tyche Hendricks and Vanessa Hua, Mar 29, 2006

The wave of political activism corresponds with a national poll's finding, released Tuesday by San Francisco-based New American Media, that legal immigrants are alarmed about the debate and generally support illegal immigrants.

Organizers See 'New Civil Rights Movement' in Immigration Protests

OneWorld US, News Report, Niko Kyriakou, Mar 29, 2006

Pollsters canvassed a representative sample of 800 of the 26 million U.S. residents who have gained legal entry and found that most strongly opposed Congressional proposals to criminalize and deport undocumented immigrants and authorize walls and other barriers to be built along the U.S.-Mexican border.

Legals Side with Illegals in Survey

Arizona Daily Star, News Report, Lourdes Medrano, Mar 29, 2006

Legal immigrants in the United States oppose federal legislative proposals to crack down on people living in the country illegally. The New America Media poll, released Tuesday, found that legal immigrants are against criminalizing and deporting illegal entrants, building walls along the U.S.-Mexican border and prosecuting those who aid illegal border-crossers.

Legal Migrants `Alarmed'

The Miami Herald, News Report, Lesley Clark, Mar 29, 2006

A national study of legal immigrants released Tuesday -- in hopes of swaying congressional votes toward permissive immigration reform -- suggests a majority of legal migrants supports giving undocumented immigrants temporary work permits or providing a way to obtain citizenship.

New Immigrants Teach an Old Lesson

Washington Post, Editorial, Harold Meyerson, Mar 29, 2006

In polling of the nation's immigrant population released yesterday (and conducted in nine languages), legal immigrants opposed key provisions of the House bill by overwhelming margins (73 percent opposed arresting undocumented immigrants as felons) and backed paths to legalization similar to those passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday.

Legal Immigrants Alarmed by Debate: A Poll Found They See Undocumented Workers as Helping the Economy

Philadelphia Inquirer, News Report, Gaiutra Bahadur, Mar 29, 2006

The majority of the nation's 26 million legal immigrants are alarmed by the tone and substance of debate over changes in immigration law and feel that anti-immigrant sentiment is rising in the United States, according to a poll released yesterday.

U.S. Less Friendly, Poll Finds

South Florida Sun-Sentinel, News Report, Tal Abbady, Mar 29, 2006

As Congress wrangles over immigration reform, legal immigrants increasingly are worried the country has grown less welcoming to foreign nationals, according to a poll released Tuesday.

GOP Walks Tightrope over Immigration Flap

Washington Post, Editorial, Ruth Marcus, Mar 31, 2006

A New American Media poll of legal immigrants, released this week, found that while only 22 percent said the Republican Party was doing a good job on immigration, the approval rating for the Democrats wasn't all that impressive either: 38 percent. ``There's anger out there'' among immigrants, says Democratic pollster Sergio Bendixen, who conducted the survey. ``But there's also a feeling that the Democrats are not much better.''

Anti-immigration bias feared

Oakland Tribune/Alamedia Times Star/The Argus/Tri-Valley Herald, News Report, Michele R. Marcucci, Mar 29, 2006

Legal immigrants feel that Beltway politicians are doing a poor job of handling the immigration issue, and they fear anti-immigrant sentiment is growing, according to a national poll released Tuesday. The majority of the 800 people questioned in the multi-lingual poll, sponsored by New American Media in San Francisco, also said they don't feel illegal immigrants are hurting the economy.

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