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War in Iraq

War in Iraq

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The Accidental American

Colorlines, News feature, Rinku Sen , Sep 17, 2008

Mamdouh had actually managed to get by for 12 years without noticing American discrimination in a daily way... Now he rewound his history, noticing things that he hadn't clearly seen before.


Washington is Losing its Man in Baghdad

New America Media, News Analysis, Shane Bauer, Sep 15, 2008

Nouri al-Maliki, the Iraqi Prime Minister who has faithfully defended U.S. interests in Iraq since he was elected in 2006, has lately been defying his patron.

Editorial: Away from War

El Diario/La Prensa, Editorial, Staff, Sep 11, 2008

In the Sept. 11 attacks, nearly 3,000 people were killed, among them many Latinos.

iraq small

No Victory in Iraq

New America Media, Commentary, Aaron Glantz, Sep 08, 2008

As presidential candidates on both sides of the fence paint a rosy picture of the troop surge in Iraq, NAM contributing writer Aaron Glantz points out that with more than 5 million Iraqi refugees still too scared to come home, the decrease in violence may be short lived.

Running from the Cops at the RNC

YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia , News Report//Audio, Words//Photos//Audio: Donny Lumpkins, Sep 04, 2008

Trapped between barricades and cops, young protesters got a surprise concert from Rage Against the Machine and tear gassed. St. Paul has never seen anything like this before.

A Morning as an American in Yemen

New America Media, Feature, Shane Bauer, Sep 03, 2008

It's Friday, the Muslim holy day, and it's 7 a.m. The city is mostly sleeping as the sun casts its soft, early morning light against the brand new multi-million dollar French-designed President's Mosque.

Post DNC -- Denver is Denver Again

New America Media, Commentary, Russell Morse, Sep 01, 2008

16th street downtown was reclaimed by its regular inhabitants: packs of young men on corners and benches, selling and smoking weed, a skinny, wrinkled old woman wheeling an oxygen tank and lighting a cigarette.

middle est

Eye on the Middle East: Political Alliances Shifting Like Sand

New America Media, News Analysis, Shane Bauer, Aug 30, 2008

In the Middle East, new alliances and old relations are being formed and renewed as quickly as the sand is shifting.

Things to Do in Denver When Your Cause is Dead

New America Media, Commentary, Russell Morse, Aug 26, 2008

Many of the protesters at the DNC are young, just as many are not. The leaders and most prominent voices are well past their idealistic prime. They beat a drum or start a chant, but those are clearly limp acts of desperation.


It Is Time for US-Iran Dtente

Pakistanlink, News analysis, Dr Muqtedar Khan, Aug 13, 2008

There seems to be a change taking place in US-Iranian relations and prospects for a dtente seem real. Not only is Ahmedinajad saying nice things about US diplomats, but Iran is responding positively to US overtures.

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