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Civil Liberties

NAM original coverage, youth media stories, and ethnic media articles on civil liberties and rights. For more information on NAM civil liberties coverage, contact Sandip Roy at sroy [at] newamericamedia [dot] org.

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Radio Roundup of the Ethnic Media: Mexico Elections & Indian Gays Decriminalized

New America Media, Audio, Odette Keeley, Jul 17, 2009

This week: BELO TV on continuing deaths and violence from Mexico President Calderon's drug war as a main reason for the opposition party PRI's victory in the recent midterm elections; and India West newspaper on Indian-American gays overjoyed at Delhi High Court ruling decriminalizing homosexual sex.

Gay Filipino-asylum case

Gay Filipino Wins Landmark Asylum Case

Balitang America - The Filipino Channel, News Report, Ging Reyes, North America News Bureau Chief, Jul 17, 2009

Philip Belarmino is the first Filipino to win an asylum case based on sexual orientation. After facing possible deportation for overstaying his visa, he has been allowed by an immigration court to stay in the country for good.


Gay Student's Relentless Struggle Pays Off

Silicon Valley De-Bug, Interview, G. Melesaine , Jul 16, 2009

Fifteen-year-old Vallejo student Rochelle Hamilton fought to end the harassment and discrimination she faced from teachers because she was a lesbian. De-Bugs G. Melesaine interviewed Rochelle and her mother, Cheri, last week after the ACLU won a five-year battle with the Vallejo City Unified School District.


Wake Up GOP: Sotomayor Is This Generation's Jackie Robinson

New America Media, Commentary, Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez, Jul 15, 2009

NAM commentator Roberto Rodriguez writes that GOP leaders havent figured out that, symbolically, Sotomayor represents this generations Jackie Robinson. If they had wanted to broaden their political tent, he argues, they could have celebrated her nomination, thereby projecting a welcoming party.

American Cause

Task Force Calls for Immigration Overhaul

New America Media, Commentary, Edward Alden, Jul 08, 2009

Prominent Democrats and Republicans agree that the failure to get immigration policy right is having serious consequences for Americas standing in the world. A report released today by the Independent Task Force on U.S. Immigration Policy urges Congress to move ahead with reform.

Exclusive: Priest Fears for Life After Coup in Honduras

El Diario/La Prensa, News Report, Eva Sanchis, Translated by Elena Shore, Jul 02, 2009

Since the coup in Honduras on Sunday, well-known environmentalist Father Tamayo says he fears for his life. In a conversation with El Diario/La Prensa, Tamayo asked that Amnesty International be notified of his situation.

Iranian revolution

The Real Situation in Iran

Iranian.com, News analysis, Reza Fiyouzat, Jun 26, 2009

In the fog of the swift repression that followed the Iranian elections, a very elementary question has been completely lost: How clear is the strategic vision for change after the the spontaneous eruption of protest?

Voting Rights Protections Still Necessary

New America Media, Commentary, Judith A. Browne-Dianis, Jun 23, 2009

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court let stand a key provision of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. At stake was Section 5 of the act, which requires a number of states, mostly in the South, to seek federal permission before changing their voting procedures. NAM contributor Judith Browne-Dianis writes that 44 years later, those restrictions are still neccessary.

iran Protest

Can't Keep a Good People Down

Iranian.com, News analysis, Reza Fiyouzat, Jun 22, 2009

More than a hundred years ago now, Iranians were as loudly as now present in the streets demanding constitutional governance, freedom from random harassment by the state and a legitimate representational system.

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