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Economic 9-11: The Shrinking of Political Space

New America Media, News analysis, Roberto Lovato, Sep 27, 2008

Behind the economic bailout is a looming specter of government as Big Banker Brother, and activists are protesting for fear of further erosion of civil liberties.

The Knock at the Door: San Franciscos Sanctuary Status Under Fire

New America Media, News Feature, Words: Elena Shore, Sep 16, 2008

The arrest of six undocumented immigrants at a private home in San Francisco last week calls into question how protected undocumented immigrants in this sanctuary city really are. Traduccin al espaol

After ICE Raid, Mississippi Workers Labor to Overcome Racial Divisions

New America Media, News Report, David Bacon, Sep 03, 2008

Media accounts have painted a picture of a plant in which African Americans union workers were hostile to immigrants. Mississippi activists, however, say that this simplistic picture obscures the real conditions in the plant.

The Politics Driving Mississippis ICE Raid

New America Media, News Analysis, David Bacon, Aug 31, 2008

The Mississippi ICE raid -- the largest to date -- was driven by politics that undermined workers' efforts to get better wages and working conditions.

Things to Do in Denver When Your Cause is Dead

New America Media, Commentary, Russell Morse, Aug 26, 2008

Many of the protesters at the DNC are young, just as many are not. The leaders and most prominent voices are well past their idealistic prime. They beat a drum or start a chant, but those are clearly limp acts of desperation.

Forbidden Love in Shenandoah, PA: Behind Beating Deaths of Immigrants

El Diario/La Prensa, News Report, Cristina Loboguerrero, Translated by Suzanne Manneh, Aug 24, 2008

The small town of Shenandoah, Penn., made headlines last month when a Mexican man was beaten to death by a group of white teenagers. The boys reportedly shouted slurs at the man and his girlfriend, who is white.

Brutal Taliban Killings Anger Aid Community

One World.net, News Report, Alison Raphael, Aug 18, 2008

The fatal ambush of four humanitarian aid workers in Afghanistan last week has provoked a sharp response from the international aid community, including strong condemnation of the Taliban.

Miria Gonzalez

Going Hungry in Americas Bread Basket

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram and Ketaki Gokhale, Aug 11, 2008

Drought and the souring economy are turning one small Californian farming town into a ghost town. Could Mendota, California be the harbinger of things to come?


No Energy to Take Care of Mom in India

New America Media, Commentary, Sarita Sarvate, Aug 05, 2008

The Indo-U.S. nuclear deal gets personal when an Indian-American journeys to India to take care of her ailing mother and is confronted with power cuts for six hours a day.

Nempimaniacs Can't Get Enough Mileage

New America Media, Commentary, Peter Micek, Aug 03, 2008

As gas prices rise, a new kind of driver is emerging: the hypermiler, or "nempimaniac," the Japanese term for someone crazy about fuel economy.

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