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Race Relations

NAM original coverage, youth media stories and ethnic media articles on race relations in America.

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shah Khan

Bollywood Star's American Crash Landing

New America Media, Commentary, Sandip Roy, Aug 18, 2009

Bollywoods biggest star was detained for over an hour, maybe two, over the weekend at Newark International Airport. India is outraged. Chai diplomacy is in order.

health care reform

Rules for (Dealing with) Radicals

New America Media/American Progress, News Analysis, Henry Fernandez, Aug 18, 2009

The strategies used by the "tea-party" clique were perfected in fighting progressive immigration reform. Now the new battlefield is the health care reform town hall meetings.

walter currie

Let Attack Victim Walter Currie, Jr. Know Hes Not Alone

Not In Our Town, News Report , Patrice O'Neil, Aug 15, 2009

Walter Currie, Jr. had to face the young man who doused him with gas and set him on fire for the first time since the attack took place June 13, 2009, in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

Hindi Chic

My Kitsch is Their Cool

New America Media/ColorLines, Commentary, Sandip Roy, Aug 01, 2009

Our Krishnas and curries are now public property to be sampled, remixed, chewed up and spat out as millions of cookie-cutter lunch boxes.

california crisis budget prison

What Were Left With

New America Media, Commentary, Michael Cabral, Jul 31, 2009

Michael Cabral, 22, responded to a request to write about the impact Californias budget crisis is having on its prisons. He is serving time at Salinas Valley State Prison.

Should Highly Educated Black Men Accept Special Treatment?

New America Media, Commentary, Edwin Okong'o, Jul 31, 2009

If the law had treated Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. like it treated me in Minneapolis last year, he would have reacted differently to the invitation to have beer in the White House with the president and the man who arrested him.


Know Your Rights: Criminal Justice Reform After Gates

New America Media, Commentary, Zachary Norris, Jul 30, 2009

Understanding proper conduct with a police officer can be a matter of life and death for a young person of color in America.

maya keymoore

Will Health Care Reform Harm Ethnic Minorities?

New America Media, Q&A, Paul Kleyman, Jul 30, 2009

Racial and ethnic minorities are a majority of the nations uninsured population. It remains to be seen whether the health care reform will harm or help them.

obama ghana

The 'Birther' Movement Wont Go Away, and for Good Reason

New America Media, Commentary, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Jul 30, 2009

The Obama birth certificate hounders gained even more steam lately with their rumor mongering campaign against him.


What if Henry Louis Gates Were Not an Acclaimed Professor?

New America Media, Commentary, Raj Jayadev, Jul 29, 2009

Throughout the course of his process, which started with a jammed door to his own home, Dr. Gates would have interacted with all many aspects of the criminal justice system, and would have felt betrayed by all of them.

News > Race Relations > 8 > 9 > 10 > 11 > 12 > 13 > 14 > 15 > 16