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going green

Living Without a Car: My New American Responsibility

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Jul 23, 2008

Giving up the car is not easy for Americans, even amidst the gas crisis. But NAM editor Andrew Lam says that it is our new American responsibility to go green.

Ethnic Restaurants Save Green by Going Green

New America Media, News Report, Maria Shen & Jason Sanford, Jul 13, 2008

For six years Thimmakka, a nonprofit organization, has been has been working with the food service industry, aiming to give them the resources to become green businesses.

Kung Fu Panda Kicks up Controversy in China

New America Media, News Report , Li Wen Yi, Jul 08, 2008

After breaking records at the box office in China the animated movie Kung Fu Panda has caused controversy, debate and introspection in the Chinese film community and beyond.


Beijing Turns Green Before the Olympics

New America Media, News feature, Jun Wang, Jul 03, 2008

From shopping to driving to eating, Beijing residents are rearranging their lives to help save the environment just in time for the Olympics Games this August.


From Mao to Yao Ming

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Jun 24, 2008

A man carrying two plastic bags, one in each hand, stood directly in the path of a column of armored tanks effectively preventing them from proceeding toward Tiananmen Square in Beijing -- opening the floodgates to a new world.

After Iowa Raid, Families in Limbo

New America Media, News Feature//Video, Words: Marcelo Ballv//Video: Cliff Parker, Jun 20, 2008

One month after the largest, single-site workplace immigration raid in U.S. history, hundreds of residents of Postville, Iowa are unable to work or feed their families as they await deportation orders that could take months. Traduccin al espaol

Dawning of the Age of Cosmozation

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Jun 08, 2008

Our satellites, probes and telescopes are peering deep into the heavens looking for signs of life. Yet not long ago, we resisted the idea, clinging instead to the self-important notion that life did not exist elsewhere.


Be Gay, Be Anything You Want Just Not Single

New America Media, Commentary, Sandip Roy, May 29, 2008

With same-sex marriage now legal in California, mothers across India and other countries hope their kids will finally get married.


In China, Temblor Accomplishes What the Olympics Couldnt

New America Media, News Analysis, Andrew Lam, May 21, 2008

The Chinese government had hoped the Beijing Olympics would serve as the countrys coming of age and would unify its people. It turns out that the recent earthquake seems to have done just that, and very effectively, too.

environment matters

Panic in the Parks: Why the Public Lands Will Change

New America Media, News Analysis, Walter Truett Anderson, May 20, 2008

Americas public land and parks are in trouble. From melting glaciers to fierce wild fires to invading beetles to global warming, nature is changing fast.

News > Editor's Favorites > 8 > 9 > 10 > 11 > 12 > 13 > 14 > 15 > 16