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Arizona Immigrant Witch Hunter Handcuffed

New America Media, News Analysis, By Henry Fernandez, May 20, 2008

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaios unconstitutional Latino witch hunt will no longer be subsidized by the state of Arizona. It turns out that while Arpaio had his deputies were stopping anyone who looked like a Latino immigrant, there were 60,000 real felons running around Arizona.

Where Do Latinos Go Now?

New America Media, News Analysis, Marcelo Ballve, May 16, 2008

With some seeing an end in sight for the campaign of Sen. Hillary Clinton, who carried Latino voters by a 2-to-1 margin, Latino media and blogs are speculating about where Latino voters will go now: Barack Obama or John McCain.

Obama Is No Apostate -- Arab Media Have No Problem with his Christian Faith

New America Media, News Analysis, Jalal Ghazi and Souheila Al-Jadda, May 15, 2008

The recent New York Times op-ed claiming that Muslims view Barack Obama as an 'apostate' has no basis in the Arab media or in the minds of Muslim scholars, write the commentators.

Food Crisis Reverses Middle Class Trend in Latin America

New America Media, News Report, Marcelo Ballve, May 06, 2008

The food crisis in Latin America is eroding the spending power of the new middle class, and with it, their optimism in the future of the regions economy.


Why I'm Bitter: Clinton is Dragging Down The Party

New America Media, Commentary, Donal Brown, May 05, 2008

Hillary Clintons negative campaign is robbing the Democratic Party of its energy and could very well usher in another Republican president.

Ten Minutes of Fame

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Apr 17, 2008

The recent 10-minute "made for YouTube" beating of a girl by a group of teenagers in Florida exemplifies a new trend in which the electronic world dictates our reality.

richard rodriguez

Pope Embraces Immigrants as the Future of Catholic Church

New America Media, News Analysis//Video, Richard Rodriguez, Apr 14, 2008

Essayist and NAM writer Richard Rodriguez says that on his first American visit, Pope Benedict would do well to take on the concerns of immigrants, since they are a huge part of the American Catholic population.


Why Waos Pulitzer Matters

New America Media, Commentary, Carolina Gonzlez, Apr 09, 2008

Dominican-Americans are cheering one of their own winning the Pulitzer. But Junot Diaz's win is also the win for homeboys and street cats who can tell a much more complex story of immigration and America.


Cubans in Mexico: A Troubling Exodus

New America Media, News report, Louis E.V. Nevaer, Apr 09, 2008

Dead Cubans in Cancun are causing Mexican authorities to take note. Cuban-on-Cuban violence is rising as a power struggle emerges between Cuban mafias.

Beyond Black and White: Ethnic Media Respond to Obamas Call for Dialogue on Race

New America Media, News Digest, NAM Staff, Mar 26, 2008

Ethnic media responded to Sen. Barack Obama's call for a national dialogue on race differently, agreeing on one thing: that it was long overdue for a makeover.

News > Editor's Favorites > 9 > 10 > 11 > 12 > 13 > 14 > 15 > 16 > 17