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War in Iraq

War in Iraq

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iraq war

The Iraq Winter Soldier Hearings: A Cry in Silence?

Black Commentator, Commentary, Bill Fletcher, Jr., Mar 31, 2008

The grunts spoke -- forcefully and without pretense -- about the war they are fighting in Iraq. "Mainstream media" all but ignored the hearings, but the absence of coverage on black radio raises some tough questions about media and black America.

Arab Media Question U.S. Motives in Darfur

New America Media, News Report, Jalal Ghazi, Feb 18, 2008

Steven Spielbergs decision to step down as artistic adviser for this summer's Olympic Games in Beijing is the latest spotlight on Darfur. While Americans portray Darfur as the greatest genocide of modern times, Arab media say that, as with Iraq, the United States is only interested in its oil.


Marine Recruiting Protest Proves Berkeley's Personality Disorder

YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia , Commentary and Video, Words: Jazmyne Young // Video: Ann Bassette, Feb 13, 2008

As Berkeley's streets erupted into protest this week, one young woman talks about the real issues that need guerilla actions in this complicated city.

Pink Slips Greet Many Returning Iraq War Vets

Black Voice News, News Report, Chris Levister, Jan 09, 2008

Tens of thousands of members of the National Guard and reserves who are called up to serve in Iraq return home to find their civilian jobs gone and face unsympathetic employers.


Palestinian Lessons for Kurdish Independence

New America Media, Commentary, Jalal Ghazi, Dec 05, 2007

Kurdish dreams of independence could collide with harsh geopolitical realities if pushed too far. They should draw lessons from the plight of another group of people who were promised a state forty years ago - the Palestinians.


Iran's Nuclear Program Never Existed

New America Media, News Analysis, William O. Beeman, Dec 05, 2007

The recently released National Intelligence Estimate says Iran had suspended its nuclear weapon program. But Irans purported nuclear weapons program never existed, writes NAM contributing editor William O. Beeman.

Palestinians Lose at Annapolis Peace Conference

New America Media, News Analysis, Jalal Ghazi, Nov 27, 2007

By their very presence in Annapolis Arab states are signaling they are willing to normalize ties with Israel without receiving any concessions. But even before the first speeches are made at the Middle East peace conference, the Palestinians are already on the losing end.


Back From The War ... And Into Homelessness

Black Commentator, Commentary, Bill Fletcher, Jr. , Nov 25, 2007

The spread of homelessness among American veterans returning from the war in Iraq is yet another parallel between the Iraq and Vietnam conflicts now confirmed. Yet to be heard are the voices of African-American and Latino Iraqi war veterans. Who will speak for them until they choose to do so?

Kurdish Boy

Shooting in Wartime - A Photographer in Iraq

New America Media, Q&A,Audio, Sandip Roy, Nov 23, 2007

Ashley Gilbertson's photographs have been on the front page of The New York Times and the International Herald Tribune. But he says the scars from being in the war will take a long time to heal.

rudolph giuliani

Vote for Rudy is a Vote for War?

Muslim Observer, Commentary, Patrick J. Buchanan , Nov 21, 2007

Naming names, Patrick Buchanan continues his forceful rejection of a doctrine of U.S. expansionism into foreign spheres where America has little at stake but where the risks appear to be unreasonably high.

News > War in Iraq > 9 > 10 > 11 > 12 > 13 > 14 > 15 > 16 > 17