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War in Iraq

War in Iraq

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Rendition: The Disinformation Campaign

Black Commentator, Commentary, Marc Norton, Nov 09, 2007

One writer's critique of the 'political' film Rendition includes a sobering look at the relatively dismissive comments of film critics who themselves seem to be in haste to make political judgments.

muslim charities

Pres. Bush Must Apologize to Holy Land Foundation

Muslim Observer, Commentary, Dr. Aslam Abdullah , Nov 07, 2007

The United States, in essence, has just lost its largest and most expensive case against an organization accused of financing terrorism. Pres. Bush excoriated the Holy Land Foundation in Dec. 2001 when he announced that the U.S. Treasury Dept. was seizing its assets.


Pakistani Diaspora Reacts to State of Emergency

New America Media, Media Roundup, Sandip Roy, Nov 05, 2007

Comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln, who violated the U.S. constitution to keep the country together, General Pervez Musharraf said he had to declare a state of emergency because he could not allow this country to commit suicide. But hes not fooling anyone, not even his own diaspora community.


Turkish Invasion Threatens South Korean Troops in Iraq

New America Media, Commentary, Peter Schurmann, Nov 02, 2007

South Korea's diplomatic ties with the United States and Turkey puts 1,200 South Korean troops in the Kurdish province of Irbil in a sticky situation -- as Turkey prepares for an invasion of what has been Iraq's most stable area.

Awards Honor Peace Makers

YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia, Video, Ann Bassette and Min Lee, Oct 30, 2007

Dedicated to non-violent social change since 1969, the Agape Foundation honors organizations and individuals who uphold their mission each year. This year the honorees include a conscientious objector from New York.


Obama Energizes Maryland County with Campaign Speech

Washington Informer, News Feature, Carla Peay, Oct 24, 2007

Sen. Barack Obama on the stump in Maryland was well received by several thousand attendees at a campaign rally at a community college. If a crowd's enthusiasm alone could put a candidate in the White House, Obama wold want to bottle Prince George's County's zeal for his message.


Who's Protesting in Your iPod?

YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia, Commentary, Eming Piansay, Oct 19, 2007

The Vietnam War and even the Civil War had their iconic protest songs. But who are the musical dissidents of today's wars? From country to punk to rap how does protest sound through your iPod?

Lt. Ehren Watada: Experience Makes You Stronger

AsianWeek, News Report, Peter J. Swing, Oct 14, 2007

Lt. Ehren Watada publicly refused deployment orders to Iraq, becoming the first commissioned officer of the United States Army to do so since 1965. He currently faces six years in federal prison and a dishonorable discharge.

Congress Quietly Approves Billions More for Iraq War

Muslim Observer, News Feature, Staff, Oct 07, 2007

It is costly for America to continue its military occupation of Iraq, but, before $9 billion more dollars could be drawn down, the federal debt ceiling had to be raised, inching closer to the $10 trillion mark.

askia muhammad

Blame Your Own Leaders

Washington Informer, Commentary, Askia Muhammad, Oct 05, 2007

Decisions by America's leadership in recent times, from Katrina to Iraq, raise concerns that the country is beginning a downward slide without having achieved the goal of a more perfect union. Who, then, should be held accountable?

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