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Civil Liberties

NAM original coverage, youth media stories, and ethnic media articles on civil liberties and rights. For more information on NAM civil liberties coverage, contact Sandip Roy at sroy [at] newamericamedia [dot] org.

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Juana Villegas: A Pregnant Woman Shackled and Detained

Let's Breahthroug, Video Report Video, Let's Breaktrhough Production Team, Feb 02, 2009

Juana Villegas is a Mexican immigrant living in Tennessee. She was nine months pregnant when she was stopped for careless driving." She remained shackled in transit to the hospital while she gave birth.

Why Youth Violence Still Plagues Black Communities

The Loop 21, Commentary, Devona Walker, Jan 29, 2009

Between 2005 and 2007, the number of young black males falling victim to homicide increased 31 percent. For gun killings, the increase was even more damning.

Immigrants Gain Right to Medical Interpreters

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Jan 26, 2009

A new regulation requires commercial health and dental insurers to provide interpreters to patients who need them, lessening the likelihood of medical mistakes and treatment delays.

Supreme Court Rejects Land-Into-Trust Case

Indianz.Com, News Analysis , Marley Shebala, Jan 22, 2009

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the MichGo (Michigan Gambling Opposition) v. Kempthorne lawsuit, a favorable decision for the Pottawatomi Indian tribe, whose efforts to create a reservation and casino has been hindered by the Michigan Gambling Opposition for years.

obama inauguration

In Obama We Have Someone Who Will Listen to Us

Navajo Times, News Feature, Chee Brossy, Jan 21, 2009

Tribal leaders convened near Washington, D.C., on Monday to discuss the role Indian Country will have in the upcoming Obama administration.

Obama inauguration

Obama and a Referendum on Race

Colorlines, Commentary, Andrew Grant-Thomas, Jan 21, 2009

The mistaken conclusion that we have become a post-racial society is one we can expect to hear echoed repeatedly in the months ahead.


Filipinos Celebrate Inaugural, Ask Obama For Veterans Equity

New America Media, News Report, Video, Odette Keeley & Min Lee, Jan 20, 2009

The battle for the Filipino Veterans Equity Bill is the number one issue that Filipino-American community leaders want President Barack Obama to prioritize.

Another Good-Bye Booby Trap from Bush, Courtesy of Mukasey

New America Media, Blog, Rene P. Ciria-Cruz, Jan 14, 2009

U.S. Attorney General Mukaseys most recent acta farewell gesture, if you willproves he deserves the label "tyrant."

Unions Need Unity, and More

New America Media, New Analysis, David Bacon, Jan 12, 2009

A move to reunite the two labor federations, the AFL-CIO and CTW can only bode well for labor. The initiative came from the incoming Obama-administration which made it clear it didn't want to deal with competing union agendas.

homeless vet

Obama Can End Homeless Veterans Disgrace

New America Media, Commentary, Aaron Glantz, Dec 30, 2008

On any given night, there are 200,000 U.S. veterans sleeping on the streets of America. Many died while waiting for their disability claims to be approved by the government.

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