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International Affairs

NAM original coverage, youth media stories and ethnic media articles on international affairs and U.S. foreign policy. For more information on NAM's coverage on these issues, contact Andrew Lam at alam [at] newamericamedia [dot] org.

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Sarah Shourd and Shane Bauer

Americans Imprisoned in Iran Suffering Health Problems

New America Media , News Report, Mary Ambrose, Apr 27, 2010

News that Sarah Shourd and Shane Bauer, two of the Americans being held in Iran, are unwell has prompted new statements from their families and the White House.

Crisis Trapping Millions More in Poverty

Inter Press Service, Eli Clifton, Apr 27, 2010

The global economic crisis will result in 53 million more people remaining in extreme poverty by 2015 than otherwise would have.

New America Now: Trust in Education, Cuban Biodiversity, Doll Diplomacy

New America Now, Audio, Apr 23, 2010

This week on New America Now: Odette Keeley with headlines from New America Media, Valeria Fernandez and Stan Washington on Ethnic Media Watch, Budd Mackenzie talks about girls education in Afghanistan, Cuban scientist Umberto Rios looks at Cuban agriculture, and Curators Melissa Rinne and Alan Pate tell the story of "doll diplomacy" between the US and Japan.

Tibetan Americans Critical of China's Quake Response

New America Media, News Report, Sandip Roy, Apr 23, 2010

A massive earthquake in Eastern Tibet reveals fault lines between the Chinese-American and Tibetan-American communities.

The Dangerous Business of Blogging

New America Now, Audio, Sandip Roy, Apr 21, 2010

Stephen Franklin is the ethnic news director for the Community Media Workshop in Chicago. He's also a long time journalist who has spent a long time in the Middle East. He talks about the dangers faced by Arab bloggers.


Chico Attorney's Water Project Quenches Thirst, Ambition In Tanzania

Chicosol.org, Commentary, Ron Reed, Apr 21, 2010

Chico attorney Ron Reed has been shipping well-drilling equipment to thirsty villages in Tanzania for several years. But his water project assumed another role when he formed Tanzania's first all-female well-drilling team, the Lioness.

Protesters in Palestine

Deporting Gandhi From Palestine

Mosaic Intelligence Report, Video, Jamal Dajani, Apr 19, 2010

Americans often ask "Where is the Palestinian Gandhi?" Jamal Dajani says they do exist -the non-violent resisters to Israel's occupation.

Thailand's Elites Resist Democracy

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Apr 18, 2010

The battle for democracy playing out in Bangkok is revealing the messy underbelly of the land of a thousand smiles.


Filipino Absentee Voters Mail Ballots for R.P. Elections

Balitang America, News Report, Don Tagala - The Filipino Channel, Apr 16, 2010

Filipino overseas absentee voting in the United States began on April 10 for the Philippine national elections to be held on May 10. Philippine consulate officials in New York are expecting a bigger turnout this year of Filipino-American voters.


Obama Mobilizes Countries for Nuclear Security

Balitang America, News Report, Ging Reyes, North America News Bureau Chief - The Filipino Channel, Apr 15, 2010

The Filipino Channel, one of the ethnic news media covering the Nuclear Summit in Washington D.C. reports that Pres. Obama wants countries that do not have nuclear weapons, like the Philippines, to help secure all nuclear materials from theft or diversion in 4 years.

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