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Civic Initiatives

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Being counted in the 2010 Census

Sampan.org, News report, Samuel Tsoi, Feb 20, 2010

The census is a monumental task mandated by the US Constitution: counting everyone wherever they may be. But how does a nation as vast and diverse as America go about counting 300 million people? By deploying an army of people and large sums of money in a collaborative media and outreach effort.

New America Now: Fake ICE Agent, Pardoning Jack Johnson, Beneath the Lion's Gaze

New America Now, Audio, Feb 19, 2010

Esther Gentile reports on a 2010 Census contest to raise awareness about the Hispanic community in the United States, Earl Ofari Hutchinson examines why President Obama won't pardon Jack Johnson, and Maaza Mengiste is the author of Beneath the Lion's Gaze, set during the Ethiopian Civil War.

Asians Urged to Apply for Redistricting Commission

New America Media, News Report, Vivian Po, Feb 05, 2010

With only one week before Californias first Citizens Redistricting Commission ends its search for members, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are underrepresented in the applicant pool, say advocates.

Marijuana legalization

Young People Weigh in on Legalizing Pot in SF

YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia, Commentary, Various Authors, Feb 03, 2010

San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi proposed a June ballot measure that would "license, regulate, and tax the cultivation and sales of cannabis" - whether for medicinal or recreational use, pending board approval. Young people in San Francisco weigh in on the measure.

New America Now: The Power of Women

New America Now, Audio, Jan 29, 2010

New America Now presents A Woman's Special featuring the only female Prime Minister of Peru, a rare example of a woman completing a Torah, and the reality of emerging roles for Muslim women today.

How Californians Feel About President Obama

New America Now, Audio, Jan 27, 2010

The Field Poll taken in 6 languages uncovers how Californians feel about the Obama presidency.

Tea Party Rides 'Perfect Storm' of Populist Rage

New America Media, Round Table Discussion, Annette Fuentes, Jan 25, 2010

A conservative backlash against the Obama administration and the Democratic agenda of health care and immigration reform is growing, with the Tea Party movement as the most visible proof. Three community organizers and activists dissect the roots of populist discontent and why the left is failing to ignite a movement.

Temporary Protection for Haitians: A First Step

New America Media, Opinion, Shaina Aber & Christian Fuchs, Jan 21, 2010

The decision to grant Haitians currently in the United States permission to stay, work and send remittances home under a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program is welcome news. But it's only the first step.

Haitians quake

Haitians Didnt Believe This Was the Big One

Haitiantimes.com, News report, Rachel Pratt and Garry Pierre-Pierre, Jan 18, 2010

Thousands of Haitians were killed and caught under the rubble for the same reason. They didnt believe this was the one and were completely caught off guard.

haiti quake

Rush to Aid Haiti's Earthquake Victims

One World.net, News report, Brittany Schell , Jan 17, 2010

Individuals, aid organizations, and governments worldwide are rallying to aid the people of Haiti after Tuesday's devastating earthquake that has killed tens of thousands of people and crippled the infrastructure of the island nation, already the poorest in the western hemisphere.

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