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Ghosts Keep Tourists Away From Phuket

Pacific News Service, News Feature, Pueng Vongs, Mar 21, 2005

Many beach resorts on the Thai island of Phuket are ready for tourists, but few are coming. Locals say that's because spirits of those who died in the tsunami are walking the shores.


Tsunami Tragedy Inspires Tennessee Indonesian

Indonesia Media, Commentary, Lia Suntoso, Mar 12, 2005

This immigrant says Indonesia can find a starting point for peace after its cities were flattened.

New Poll Finds California Asians Unite to Give Millions in Tsunami Relief Aid

NCM, News Report, Daffodil Altan, Mar 03, 2005

The first multilingual poll conducted on Asian Americans response to the Tsunami reveals a broadening unification between U.S Asian communities, as well as a high percentage of Asian Californians donating millions in relief efforts.

A Fleeting Valentine Between Davos and Porto Alegre?

Pacific News Service, Commentary, Paolo Pontoniere, Feb 11, 2005

Did the Indian Ocean tsunami open common ground between the rich and famous at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland and the social justice revolutionaries of Brazil's World Social Forum?

Black Africans in Asian Countries Impacted by Tsunami

San Francisco Bayview, News Report, Runoko Rashidi, Jan 20, 2005

Thailand, like Indonesia, is a country with an extremely ancient but little known Black population.

Tsunami Aid Is Inspiring, But What About Darfur?

Pacific News Service, Commentary, Hana Baba, Jan 17, 2005

A young Sudanese American watches as the Asian tsunami replaces the ongoing crisis in Darfur as the world's worst humanitarian disaster. Why doesn't the world respond to horrors in Rwanda, the Congo and Sudan?

Bay Area Chinese Americans Show Unexpected Outpouring of Support for Tsunami Victims

Sing Tao Daily, Commentary, Joseph Leung, Translated by Yvonne Lee, Jan 13, 2005

Bay Area Chinese Americans have quietly raised close to $1 million for tsunami relief efforts.

Tsunami Relief Is Just a Phone Call Away

Pacific News Service, Commentary, Sandip Roy, Jan 12, 2005

Americans' outpouring of support for tsunami victims could represent genuine compassion, a desire to be connected with the world, an effort to repair a damaged reputation or all of the aforementioned. But the gesture that could count most of all is a small one.

Tsunami Waves Signify Judgment

Muslims Weekly , Commentary, Shamim Siddiqi, Jan 12, 2005

The writer sees the tsunami as a warning from Allah for dominant nations to desist from exploitation and atrocities. But Allah, he says, is also warning the oppressed who are doing little to overthrow their tyrannical regimes.

Tsunami Levels Thai Island Paradise

Asia Media, Commentary, Leonard Novarro, Jan 10, 2005

This writer remembers a wonderful little island known for its colorful owner and caretaker. Is he still living after the tsunami rolled through?

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