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Immigration Matters

Immigrant rights advocates sound off on immigration policy issues.

For more information on NAM immigration coverage, contact Sandip Roy at sroy [at] newamericamedia [dot] org.

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immigrant Health care

Immigrants and Health Care: Whats Really at Stake?

New America Media, Commentary, Michael Fix, Oct 09, 2009

The discussion around health care reform has ramifications for immigrants, even legal permanent residents. How health care policy deals with immigrants will determine how successful health care reform is in the long run.


Asian Groups Support In-State Tuition for Undocumented

New America Media, Commentary, Carmina Ocampo and Connie Choi, Sep 28, 2009

Asian undergrads make up 40 percent of all undocumented students. And they are fighting to keep in-state tuition in California.


IMMIGRATION MATTERS: Undocumented Haitians Deserve to Stay Here

New America Media, Commentary, Gerald Lenoir, Sep 15, 2009

President Obama should grant Temporary Protected Status to Haitians immediately before more Haitians die or are impacted by natural disasters.


APIs Organize First-Ever National Action Week

New America Media, Commentary, Karen Narasaki, Aug 21, 2009

This week, the Asian-American community is putting its newly cemented political power to use in the first ever national week of action in support of comprehensive immigration reform.


Five Years to Life -- Congress Fails to Meet Health Needs of APIs

New America Media, Commentary, Sara Sadhwani, Aug 02, 2009

In the debate over health care reform, we rarely hear about the large numbers of Americans that will be left out entirely -- namely immigrants. IMMIGRATION MATTERS regularly features the views of immigration experts across the country.

No Change in Immigration Policy

New America Media, Commentary, Marielena Hincapi, Jul 23, 2009

The Obama administration's decision to expand 287(g) that deputizes local law enforcement to enforce immigration law carries public safety concerns without enough oversight. Traduccin al espaol

Ice Raids

ICE-Police Cooperation Expanded Despite Known Problems

New America Media, Commentary, Bill Ong Hing, Jul 23, 2009

The expansion of 287(g) programs that allow local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration law flies in the face of problems with the program that have already surfaced.

American Cause

The Changing Face of Immigration to America

New America Media, Commentary, Angela Kelley, Jul 14, 2009

When Congress begins debating immigration reform -- likely to happen later this year -- it should look into who today's immigrants are and how they adapt to American culture and see their future in their adopted land. Traduccin al espaol

American Cause

Task Force Calls for Immigration Overhaul

New America Media, Commentary, Edward Alden, Jul 08, 2009

Prominent Democrats and Republicans agree that the failure to get immigration policy right is having serious consequences for Americas standing in the world. A report released today by the Independent Task Force on U.S. Immigration Policy urges Congress to move ahead with reform.


U.S. Workers Need Paid Leave

New America Media, Commentary, Heather Boushey, Jun 24, 2009

Unlike many other developed nations, the United States does not mandate that employers offer paid time off for workers, a situation that can be corrected with little or no additional cost to employers.

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