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The Border

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La Visitadora: What Michelle Obama's Visit Means for Mexico

La Jornada, Commentary, Soledad Loaeza, Apr 15, 2010

In an op-ed titled "La Visitadora" (The Visitor) in Mexican newspaper La Jornada, Soledad Loaeza writes that there is more than meets the eye to First Lady Michelle Obama's visit to Mexico.

Rebelling Against Death in Ciudad Juarez

Frontera NorteSur, News Report, Staff, Apr 13, 2010

Last week, Mexicos Federal Police assumed control of local policing in the state of Chihuahua. But this does not mean the army is halting its operations in Ciudad Juarez.

Hispanic Media Dispel H1N1 Myths in Texas Border Towns

New America Media, News Report / Video, Elena Shore / Video by Josue Rojas, Mar 29, 2010

South Texans were confused by the seemingly contradictory messages about H1N1 coming from the Mexican and U.S. governments. As Mexico closed schools and instituted curfews, U.S. authorities appeared to be doing almost nothing -- leading some to believe that the virus was active only on one side of the border.

Activists See Irony in Calderons Speedy Response to American Killings

La Opinin, Mar 18, 2010

Activists say the Calderon administration came running after the Americans were killed, yet has failed to react with the same urgency to the many murders that have plagued Mexicans in Juarez for years.

war on drugz and on juarez

Juarez Citizens Fed Up With Calderon

New America Media, News analysis, Jose Luis Sierra, Feb 17, 2010

Mexican President Calderon held one of the most contentious citizens meeting of his administration last week in defense of his strategy against his war on drugs. The results remain to be seen, but most of the people present concluded that his war on drugs has resulted in more of the same; that it is a failure.


Sinaloa: Living Under the Law of the Narco Lords

New America Media, New Analysis, Manuel Ortiz, article and slideshow, English translation, Mayra Lombera, Feb 12, 2010

Sinaloa, in northern Mxico, is the cradle of drug trafficking and one of the most violent and dangerous places in Mexico. On average, eight to 11 people are executed daily in its capital city, Culiacn, as a direct consequence of violence linked to drug-trafficking, government corruption and impunity. For Mexicans, drastic change is the only real solution.

War on Drugs or War on Mexicans?

New America Media, News analysis, Jose Luis Sierra, Feb 06, 2010

In the wake of the massacre of 16 youths at a birthday party in Ciudad Juarez, Mexican politicos pointed fingers at each other and stonewalled journalists while civilians all over the country reaffirmed their lack of confidence in their government at all levels

violence Mexico Drug war

Mexicans In U.S. Fear Violent Mexico

New America Media, News Report , Manuel Ortiz, Translated by Elena Shore, Jan 23, 2010

Poverty and joblessness arent the only factors keeping Mexican immigrants in the United States from returning to their home country. The escalating war on drugs in Mexico has made many of them afraid to go back. Traduccin al espaol

California Man Murdered in Mexico

La Opinin, Editorial, Staff, Jan 06, 2010

Editors of La Opinin mourn the death of Agustin "Bobby" Salcedo, the assistant principal of a Los Angeles County high school who was killed during his recent vacation to Mexico.

Immigration Debate

'Complementarity' & 'Circularity': New Words Fuel Immigration Debate

New America Media, News analysis, Marcelo Ballv , Dec 29, 2009

With a national debate on the impact of foreign workers on jobs and the economy heating up for 2010, its time to brush up on some relevant policy jargon. Two words in particular complementarity and circularity seem to have caught the attention of experts.

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