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The Ethnic Voter

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Obama and grades

Latino Leaders Grade Obama

Vida en el Valle, Interviews, Staff, Jan 31, 2010

Latino leaders in California's Central Valley grade the president on his first year in office after this week's State of the Union. Traduccin al espaol

California economy poll

Field Poll: Californians Flunk State of the Union and State

New America Media, News Report, Annette Fuentes, Jan 29, 2010

President Obama might have tried to instill some hope and optimism with his State of the Union but a new poll of California voters finds they think the country and the state is off track.

California economy poll

The Field Poll: California's Diversity a Mixed Blessing

New America Media, News Report, Ngoc Nguyen, Jan 28, 2010

The Field Poll queried California voters about what they felt about the state's growing diversity. Most saw advantages but many also understood it meant growing friction and adjustment pains.

How Californians Feel About President Obama

New America Now, Audio, Jan 27, 2010

The Field Poll taken in 6 languages uncovers how Californians feel about the Obama presidency.

California economy poll

Field Poll: Tea Party Off the Radar of Ethnic Californian Voters

New America Media, News Report, Annette Fuentes, Jan 26, 2010

A new survey finds that in California, the Tea Party has little resonance with minority voters. Most are not even aware of it.

California economy poll

Field Poll: Ethnic Voters May Save CA Democrats

New America Media, News Report, Aaron Glantz, Jan 22, 2010

If Republicans want to build on Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts in historically blue California this fall, it will have to overcome the state GOP's inability to win over ethnic voters--or at least hope those voters stay home.

Latinos and the Political Earthquake in Massachusetts

National Institute for Latino Policy, Commentary, Angelo Falcn, Jan 20, 2010

The election of Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate could be bad news for Latinos, writes the commentator.

California economy poll

Field Poll: Californians Increasingly Disappointed with the President

New America Media, News report, Sandip Roy, Jan 20, 2010

According to a new multilingual voter survey by The Field Poll, one year into the Obama presidency, voters in the nations biggest minority-majority state are looking at their first minority president with increasing disappointment.

Black Immigrant Rights Group Dispels Misconceptions

El Tecolote, News Report, Andres Caballero, Jan 16, 2010

The Black Alliance for Just Immigration opened a new center in Oakland, Calif., where it works to counter misinformation among African Americans about the economics of immigration.

Obamas First Year

La Opinin, Editorial, Staff, Dec 31, 2009

Promises of change carried Obama to the White House but many of them have not been fulfilled, write editors of La Opinin.

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