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Edu: Who Asked Us?

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Who Asked Us? Youth Views on Bay Area Juvenile Hall Schools

The Beat Within, Commentary, Various Authors, Jun 28, 2007

Few people outside the juvenile justice system are aware of what goes on educationally behind the locked doors of juvenile halls. While some young men and women who dont go to school are grateful for the opportunity to take part in formal learning, others who attend school regularly are frustrated by the lack of challenging course work.

The Fifth Time's the Charm -- Getting Past the Exit Exam

YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia, Commentary, Jovan Parham, Jun 01, 2007

One-third of the class of 2006 didn't pass the California High School Exit Exam. The anxiety and stress students on the bubble feel as they race against time to qualify to walk across the stage causes some students to give up and others to buckle down.

WHO ASKED US?: Dropping Out and Coming Back

New America Media, News Feature, Kalei Meyers, Apr 26, 2007

Despite the serious obstacles she faces, a young writer is confident she'll overcome them and find success in school and in life. She reflects the collective optimism of a new NAM poll of young people living in California.


Who Asked Us? -- Alternative School Means No School

New America Media, Youth Commentary, Sneezie Poo, Feb 17, 2007

A report just released by the California Legislative Analyst's office says the state's alternative schools are doing a poor job of tracking students who are at risk of dropping out. "Sneezie" is a high-school senior in San Francisco who has been through a string of alternative programs. She's getting her work done but not sure she's learning anything anymore.


Getting My GED When Im Sleeping Outside

New America Media, Youth Commentary, Alex Gutierrez, Feb 06, 2007

Countless hours of studying is perhaps the simplest part of preparing for the GED for homeless youth Alex Gutierrez. Gutierrez is a writer for Silicon Valley De-bug.

walking away

Who Asked Us? -- My America -- A Letter from the Left-Behind

New America Media, Commentary, Michael Cabral, Oct 10, 2006

Michael Cabral, a prisoner at Californias maximum security prison at Pelican Bay, has only just celebrated his 20th birthday. In a personal letter to Beat Within editor Michael Kroll, this man-childs moving description of the life he knew makes a mockery of the slogan, Leave no child behind.

gina the nerd

Who Asked Us -- The New (Female) Nerd and the 'Gender Gap'

YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia, Youth Commentary, Sophie Theis, Jul 21, 2006

The new gender gap is all about attitude, says one teen. The new nerd is a hard-working girl, while boys try hard to not try too hard. That's why so many girls are achieving more than boys in high school and college.


Breaking My Family's Curse

New America Media, Commentary, Crystal Shaw, Jun 16, 2006

A high school senior says her familys name, with its history of gang affiliation, has been like a curse throughout her life.


Who Asked Us? Preschool Laid a Foundation

New America Media, Youth Commentary, John Springer, Jun 04, 2006

A recent high school graduate remembers the base that his preschool years established for his academic career.

private schoolers

Who Asked Us? -- Why Is the Exit Exam Absent From Private Schools?

New America Media, Commentary, John Springer, May 22, 2006

A high school senior who has spent time in both public and private schools explores disparities in educational quality.

News > Edu: Who Asked Us? > 2 > 3 > 4