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Original NAM and ethnic media coverage of the 2008 Presidential Election.
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Anti-Bill Richardson Petition Is Not Racial, Says Chinese Media

New America Media, News Analysis, Jun Wang, Dec 17, 2008

President-elect Barack Obama’s nomination of Bill Richardson as Secretary of Commerce sparked a wave of protest in the Chinese American community due to the former Energy Secretary's involvement with the Wen Ho Lee case.

Jackson, Jr. Denies Wrongdoing in Seeking Senate Seat

Washington Afro, News Report, James Wright, Dec 15, 2008

Jackson, who has made no secret of his desire to replace Obama in the Senate, has strongly denied any wrongdoing in his quest to be considered the successor to the president-elect.

Senate Appointment Tainted by Blagojevich

Chicago Defender, News Report, Kathy Chaney, Dec 10, 2008

The question of who will succeed President-elect Barack Obama for Illinios in the U.S. Senate became clouded by the Tuesday arrest of Gov. Rod Blagojevich on corruption charges.

Justice Thomas Forces Supreme Court to Probe Obama's Citizenship

Afro America Newspaper , News Report, James Wright, Dec 04, 2008

In a highly unusual move, U.S. Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has asked his colleagues on the court to consider a lawsuit challenging President-elect Barack Obama’s status as a United States citizen.


School Boards Launch Many California Politicians' Careers

New America Media, News feature, Annette Fuentes, Dec 03, 2008

School board politics in California can be hotly contested as many politicians have started their careers by trying to get elected as board members.


Could Muslims Swing the Georgia Runoff?

New America Media, News Reort, Hazem Kira, Dec 02, 2008

The tight Senate race in Georgia means that a strong turnout of Muslim voters could tip the balance. Muslims, traditionally Republican-leaning are unhappy with Republican candidate Saxby Chambliss.


Forget MySpace, MyBO is the Social Network of the Future

New America Media, News Report, Jun Wang, Nov 28, 2008

Barack Obama's campaign site, now called MyBO, utilized social networking in an unprecedented way - perhaps leading to his win. But can it continue to unite the country?

Indicted Black Congressman Faces Vietnamese-American Opponent

New America Media, Commentary, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Nov 26, 2008

Black voters in Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson’s district face a unique test on December 6 -- His opponent is Vietnamese-American immigration attorney Anh “Joseph” Cao.


Race Crimes Rock!

YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia , Audio, Donny Lumpkins and YO!Radio Crew, Nov 25, 2008

This week on YO!Radio -- Wanda Sykes announces her sexual preference, race crimes rock the nation and teens are terribly optimistic.

Napolitano: Controversial Figure, Positive Change

La Opinión, Editorial, Staff, Nov 25, 2008

An editorial in La Opinión calls Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano a controversial figure on both sides of the immigration debate.

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