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Immigrant Voices

How immigrants in America view their experiences amid national debates on immigration. For more information on Immigrant Voices, contact Elena Shore at eshore [at] newamericamedia [dot] org.

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Zindagi Radio Show Tackles Critical Issues for South Asians

New America Now Radio, Audio, Odette Keeley, Oct 03, 2009

This week on "Stories From the Ethnic Media": South Asian women seeking better ways to raise children tune in to Zindagi radio show; while NNPA reports on why more African-American grandparents are raising their grandchildren.

Census Boycott Divides Latino Community

New America Now Radio, Audio, Odette Keeley, Sep 25, 2009

This week on "Stories From the Ethnic Media": NAM Editor & Spanish-language Media Monitor Marcelo Ballve on how the debate over boycotting the 2010 Census is dividing the Latino media and community.

Immigrant Business

Immigrant Businesses Try to Beat Recession Blues

New America Media, News Report, Elena Shore, Vivian Po, Ngoc Nguyen, Sep 25, 2009

The recession is testing the resilience of ethnic businesses. From Mexican bakeries to Vietnamese nail salons to Chinese dry cleaners, everyone has to figure out how to ride out bleak times. Traduccin al espaol

Health Care Woes for Latinos

New America Now Radio, Audio, Odette Keeley, Aug 28, 2009

This week on "Stories From the Ethnic Media": La Opinion on how the health care debate foreshadows the immigration reform debate; La Raza on Latino elders' lack of information on and access to emergency services.

flag and immigration

The Other Town Halls

New America Media, News Report, Elena Shore, Aug 17, 2009

Health care is not the only issue heating up town hall meetings across America. The country's largest labor organizations have put together a joint statement on immigration reform. Selling their members on it is a much tougher job. Traduccin al espaol

Prisoners of Ignorance and Tradition

La Opinin, Investigative Report, Video, Audio, Claudia Nez, Translated by Marvelia Alpzar, Aug 01, 2009

More than 20,000 indigenous Mexicans, most of whom do not speak Spanish or English, are locked up in U.S. prisons, lost in a system that they do not know or understand.

Minnesota Somali Soccer Event Shuts Out Mainstream TV Channel

New America Now Radio, Audio, Odette Keeley, Jul 31, 2009

This week's radio round-up of stories from the ethnic media: Somali soccer organizers in Minnesota shut out a mainstream TV channel; and the Chinese community gets an apology from California.

New Georgia Sheriff Partners with ICE

New America Media, Audio, Odette Keeley, Jul 24, 2009

This week: Atlanta Latino discusses how the new agreement of Gwinnett County, Georgia's Sheriff's Dept. with ICE under the 287(g) program will severely impact undocumented Latinos.

Atty. Rodel Rodis-Fil. Lawyer-small

Professor Gates and Me: Racism vs. Blacks, Filipinos in America

Inquirer.net, Column, Rodel Rodis, Jul 24, 2009

Lawyer and local official Rodel Rodis says Prof. Gates may be discouraged from filing a lawsuit against the police officer who arrested him in his home, because of a circuit court's decision on Rodis's own lawsuit against San Francisco police officers, currently on appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Gay Filipino-asylum case

Gay Filipino Wins Landmark Asylum Case

Balitang America - The Filipino Channel, News Report, Ging Reyes, North America News Bureau Chief, Jul 17, 2009

Philip Belarmino is the first Filipino to win an asylum case based on sexual orientation. After facing possible deportation for overstaying his visa, he has been allowed by an immigration court to stay in the country for good.

News > Immigrant Voices > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 6 > 7 > 8 > 9 > 10