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NAM in Washington

Contact Khalil Abdullah (kabdullah [at] newamericamedia [dot] org.) for more information about New America Media in Washington, D.C.

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black journalist forum

Black Journalists Decry Jena Injustice

Washington Informer, News Feature, Joseph Young, Nov 08, 2007

A panel of African-American journalists take a look back at their coverage and involvement in the Jena Six story that for months flew and grew well below the radar of mainstream media.

Merrill Lynch Lost $8 Billion; Black CEO Had to Go

Black Press International, Commentary, William Reed, Nov 07, 2007

Were it an inkblot test, the saga of Stanley O'Neal's rise and fall would likely tell you more about the patient than the life of a grandson of a former African-American captive who, as a CEO, walked with $160 million after his bluechip firm lost almost $8 billion.

muslim charities

Pres. Bush Must Apologize to Holy Land Foundation

Muslim Observer, Commentary, Dr. Aslam Abdullah , Nov 07, 2007

The United States, in essence, has just lost its largest and most expensive case against an organization accused of financing terrorism. Pres. Bush excoriated the Holy Land Foundation in Dec. 2001 when he announced that the U.S. Treasury Dept. was seizing its assets.


Black vs. Brown 3: The Color Line

Blacktino.net, Commentary, Kevin Alberto Sabio , Nov 05, 2007

There is this myth that Latinos are one big racially mixed family, says Kevin Sabio, a black Latino writer. Many Latinos, though, do not take note of their strong African heritage.


Immigrants Must Be Vigilant About Eavesdropping Legislation

New America Media, News Report, Khalil Abdullah, Oct 31, 2007

This August, Congress passed the Protect America Act in order to build legal protection for a warrantless surveillance program conducted by the National Security Agency in the wake of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. But what does this mean for immigrants?

teen barbed wire

Black Juveniles Face Indifferent Justice System

Washington Afro, News Report, James Wright, Oct 29, 2007

It is possible that some Americans are not aware of the disparity in sentencing and treatment accorded to young African-American men and boys in the criminal justice system. A new report removes the blinders for anyone looking for the answer.

al gore

Nobel Al Gore? A Prime Time Hypocrite

Black Commentator, Commentary, Joshua Frank , Oct 26, 2007

One writer is decidedly unimpressed with Al Gore's Nobel Prize. He cites a litany of actions that, in his opinion, makes the case that some of the newest converts to going green have a darker shade of artifice in their political pasts.

mumia abu-jamal

Photos Bolster Claim of Mumia's Innocence and Unfair Trial

Black Commentator, Commentary, David A. Love, Oct 25, 2007

Journalists analyzed crime scene photos that had not been shown to the jury that convicted one of America's best known political prisoners. Mumia Abu-Jamal would be a free man today, they say, had all the evidence been fairly presented.


Obama Energizes Maryland County with Campaign Speech

Washington Informer, News Feature, Carla Peay, Oct 24, 2007

Sen. Barack Obama on the stump in Maryland was well received by several thousand attendees at a campaign rally at a community college. If a crowd's enthusiasm alone could put a candidate in the White House, Obama wold want to bottle Prince George's County's zeal for his message.

buffalo mayor Byron Brown

Racial Fallout After Buffalo Police Beating

Black Star News, News Analysis, Chris Stevenson, Oct 18, 2007

For beating a handcuffed man and the black officer who tried to stop him, the commentator says a white police officer in Buffalo, N.Y. got off with just a warning. The black officer faces charges of obstruction.

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