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Gender Identity

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Anthony Woods

End Dont Ask, Dont Tell Now

New America Media, Commentary, Anthony Woods, Nov 02, 2009

President Barack Obama just signed a hate crimes bill that would cover LGBT people. Now, says a gay vet, the time has come to end the militarys dont ask, dont tell policy,


Gay Community Hopes For Accuracy in Census 2010

New America Media, News Report, Erik Fowle, Oct 30, 2009

For the LGBT community, the 2010 Census will be a big leap forward. When gay couples record themselves as being married, or as unmarried partners to persons of the same sex, their original answers will finally be retained.

A Gay Bar in the City of Borders

New America Now, Audio, Sandip Roy, Oct 23, 2009

In a city where religious divisions run deep, how does one survive while expressing a true sense of self? Yun Suh is the director ofCity Of Borders, a new documentary film depicting the story of five regulars at Shushan, a gay bar in Jerusalem.

esther Hahn

A Wave of Love

Audrey Magazine, News report, Shinyung Oh, Sep 19, 2009

For Professional surfer and model Esther Hahn, catching a wave is more a love affair than a career.

Palestinian Films With a Womans Touch

New America Media, News Feature, Jalal Ghazi, Sep 13, 2009

Four Arab American women educated in the United States have started a new kind of Intifada. But instead of stones, bullets, or bombs, they are using words, images and music to create films that highlight the lives of ordinary Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, Israel and America.


The Forgotten Women of Laos

AsianWeek, News report, Charlotte Halligan, Sep 12, 2009

Scratch beneath the surface of its burgeoning tourist scene, and you will see that Laos is a country suffering from poverty and inequality. Charlotte Halligan discovers how micro-credit is changing lives for poor women across Laos.

Gay Immigrants Face Abuse in Detention

Rumbo, News Report , Pilar Marrero, Aug 26, 2009

New York Times Magazine Issue on Women an Insult

New America Media, Blog , Edwin Okong'o, Aug 26, 2009


Gunman Attacks Women's Village in Kenya

Oneworld.net, News report, Brittany Schell, Aug 22, 2009

A gunman attacked a women's village Tuesday in northern Kenya, threatening and chasing women from their homes, an advocacy group reported. The police have yet to take any action to stop the man, the former husband of the village's founder.

Study Finds Fathers Crucial to Child Development

New America Media, News Report, Inga Buchbinder, Jul 31, 2009

While most parenting studies focus on mothers, a recent study attempts to deal with the much less researched role of fathers in their childrens development.

News > Gender Identity > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 6 > 7 > 8 > 9