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Diary from Gaza -- Youth Brace for a Tenuous Truce

New America Media, News Feature, various authors, Jan 22, 2009

In the days after a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, several young people in Gaza share stories of fear, optimism, anger and trauma.

Immigrant Activists March on ICE on Day After Inauguration

New America Media, News Analysis, Marcelo Ballv, Jan 21, 2009

Immigrant advocates wasted no time in pressing their agenda of reform, organizing a march the day after Pres. Barack Obama's inauguration to counter what they anticipate will be an aggressive campaign by opponents.

Immigration Reform Debate Must Regain a Moral Compass

New America Media, Commentary, Roberto Lovato, Jan 15, 2009

As the possibility of comprehensive immigration reform comes back to life, New America Media writer Roberto Lovato urges morality to be a part of the deal.


Loss of AsianWeek Increases Hole in Asian-American Coverage

New America Media, News Report, Ngoc Nguyen, Jan 05, 2009

The loss of AsianWeek isn't just the story of another print publication facing tough times. It leaves Asian Americans with a rapidly shrinking range of news portals that communicate their issues to a wider audience.

The Good, the Bad and the Promoter

New America Media, News Report, Video, Video: Cliff Parker // Words: Carlos Cota Estvez, Translated by Elena Shore, Dec 12, 2008

A wrestling match between Mexicans and the wrestlers dressed as the U.S. Border Patrol is drawing huge crowds in California, where the drama of the show reflects real-life tensions.

Is Pacquiao a 'Mexican' Boxer?

Silicon Valley Debug, Blog, Raj Jayadev, Dec 09, 2008

Boxing promoters expected to profiteer off the beginning of a new racial feud between Filipino and Latino, but the public didn't buy it.


How is Deporting My Brother a Solution to Gang Violence?

YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia , Commentary, Oscar Servellon, Dec 05, 2008

A 16-year-old Salvadoran American wonders if his brother's deportation will force him deeper into gang life.

gay Marriage

My Gay Problem, Your Black Problem

New America Media, Commentary, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Dec 02, 2008

Tensions between gay rights and black civil rights activists flared last week. Derogatory terms were used on both sides, which stirred deep and personal disgust in writer Earl Ofari Hutchinson.

Retired Job Seekers Swell Unemployment Rolls

New America Media, News Report//Video, Story: Leslie Casimir//Video: Josue Rojas and Lesile Casimir, Nov 26, 2008

Many elderly people from minority and low-income communities are coming out of retirement to look for full-time jobs. But as the unemployment rate soars and the economy plunges, the timing for their job search couldn't be worse.


Immigration Reform Under Obama Likely to be Piecemeal

New America Media, News Analysis, Marcelo Ballv, Nov 15, 2008

While a President Obama might act on some of the harshest aspects of immigration enforcement like workplace raids and inhumane detention centers, don't expect a press conference to announce the same.

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